Leadership Training

Top leadership traits have been analysed for centuries. There is probably nothing that has been analysed more than ‘leadership’. This practical intermediate leadership skills development course will help participants discover critical leadership skills for their individual situation. Proven leadership capability frameworks will help participants compare their current leadership strengths and challenges. So, here is your […]

End to End 360 Degree Leadership Training

A smart tailored training program with a start, middle and end. Here is a popular method of addressing your leadership gaps. It begins and ends with a 360 online survey. Your leadership program is designed and delivered to address identified leadership gaps. Individual strengths and weaknesses from the 360 are also debriefed one on one […]

Team and Customer Etiquette

Behavioural surveys conclude that employees like being greeted in the morning and it’s hard to believe that some staff today don’t even say “Good Morning”. And if you recognise poor manners internally, you need to question what service standards your customers receive. The number one complaint of customers is usually related to a perceived rudeness […]

Sales Skills Building Blocks

Sales Training Workshop This workshop will help you acquire those tools to assist you in the sales process and ensure success. Increase your effectiveness and develop your sales talent with our sales management training course. Become skilled at creating opportunities to sell more effectively and generate a sales culture that delivers. Become skilled at identifying […]

Proactivity Training Course

Conditioning is related to taking initiative. So are cultural differences. So are decision making styles. In fact you’d be amazed at how many aspects can blinker your focus and initiative. However at the same time it’s critically important to adapt to your role. If you are not taking enough initiative and being proactive, you can […]

Plan to Plan

Planning workshops help Council decide key activities for the following year(s). This course is designed to equip participants with proven tools to use in the planning workshop(s). By knowing how to plan effectively before the planning workshop, you’re more likely to achieve your objectives. An effective planning process will communicate to all staff and residents […]

Leadership Team Based

Many organisations have some great leaders. However they are often not working in the same direction and are not working synergistically. Clashing leadership styles sometimes hamper productivity and dampen morale. Progressive organisations utilise team based leadership tools to get blocks of people moving en masse behind the organisation’s strategic objectives. Key learning outcomes Your Team Based […]

Leadership Building Blocks

Leadership Development Training This course is customised to suit your management team. Specifically, this leadership training program focuses upon real life management issues and interpersonal skills. Incorporated into the leadership management training are strategies for team leadership skills and leadership skills training. Leadership Management Training Key Learning Outcomes: Understanding the difference between leading and managing. […]

How To Smell The Roses

Most people have regrets and disappointments in their lives. Many people get fixated chasing dreams. Once the dream is achieved they lose interest and chase another dream. This program looks at what’s really important for you to achieve in your life. It might be that you want to enjoy your job more or to enjoy […]

High Performance Work Practices (HPWP)

What are the benefits of high performance work practices? Having a win-win relationship for employees and employers Increasing employee productivity in the long term Developing effective employee performance measures Implementing incentives for employees that work Creating a positive organisational culture Agreeing retention techniques for talented employees Targeting and selecting ‘organisational fit’ people Creating an environment […]