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Have you been to a meeting where the facilitator helped people with diverse views buy into a solution?

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Train the On-The-Job Trainer

When was the last time you trained your on-the-job trainers as a group?

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Preferred Training Networks

A Trusted Learning and Development Advisor

Preferred Training Networks is Australia’s first referred learning network. Our learning network comprises of Instructional Designers, Facilitators, Coaches, Mentors, Key Note Presenters, Consultants and Trainers. All subject experts under our umbrella have been referred by Senior Management from Australia’s Top 500 companies. Preferred Training Networks is an Australian Company.

Whatever business training courses you're looking for such as, instructional design, train the trainer or any other business training program, you have an extensive resource of professional development courses to choose from. Change management courses, workplace resilience courses, corporate soft skills training, dealing with difficult people, workplace conflict resolution courses are part of the 300+ professional development business courses that are available to you.

With Preferred Training Networks as your partner, you can outsource any learning requirement and be assured of risk-free quality learning solutions that help your people to operate more effectively.

Our business focuses on:

  1. Facilitation, Training & Coaching - Tailored programs towards performance improvement
  2. Consulting - End to end capability improvement and development
  3. Design - Bespoke capability materials and tools
  4. Leadership Capability - Purpose built enquiry and evaluation

Our experienced trainers, facilitators, consultants and instructional designers are all referred by Senior Management from Australia's top 500 companies, and regularly set industry standards for excellence. Read on to find out more about our instructional design course, workplace resilience courses, conflict resolution skills courses, speed reading training, time management training courses, dealing with difficult courses or view all of our professional training programs.

Hidden Observations

This book is a delicate insight into how people
and organisations operate.The observations
in this book are curated to coax the reader to
rethink human interactions.

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Errant Workplace Behaviours

Costs, Consequences & Corrections
This book invites the reader to consider
the errant behaviours happening within
their own organisation

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All Aboard The Brain Train

All Aboard The Brain Train is a new book
by Niall Kennedy, written especially for
those interested in leadership development
or cultivating leadership skills for the future.

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All Aboard The Brain Train

New eBook version
Only $25

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