Removing Role Ambiguity

Removing Role Ambiguity

“Ambiguity The Devil’s Volleyball” – Emo Phillips


Role ambiguity is the #1 cause of conflict in the workplace

Role ambiguity is one of the major causes of workplace conflict and therefore it is imperative that senior leaders are crystal clear about their own roles and that of their colleagues.

Leaders and managers need to accept that there will be ambiguity and uncertainty because leadership is not always straightforward.

Leaders and managers need to be skilled and comfortable at navigating through the grey area that occurs as a result of ambiguity.


At the conclusion of the course participants will be able to:

  • set aside 10 mins every day to plan the day’s activities
  • review key purpose and outcome of senior leadership roles
  • identify key tasks and responsibilities of own role
  • distinguish between accountability as a virtue and as a mechanism
  • distinguish between people, technical and resourcing tasks
  • evaluate current mix of tasks of own role
  • identify and assess the level of their own role

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Target Audience: Managers and staff

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