Understanding the Importance of Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing has emerged to be an important aspect of work-life with businesses recognizing the importance of happy and healthy employees. Wellbeing at work is a broader concept and involves much more than preventing injuries and illnesses. Rather it relates to every aspect of the working life including how employees feel about the work. A […]

10 Ways to be More Mindful at Work

Work is a vital part of life and work-life can be a rewarding and enriching experience. However, stress and frustration are often a part of the work routine and you may find yourself being pushed too far. Are you aware that there are simple ways to reduce workplace frustration and staying productive does not always […]

Top 10 Professional Development Courses

Professional development courses offer an effective way to refresh knowledge, acquire new skills and explore new areas of interest. In an ever-changing work environment, such courses enable people to move in the right direction and stay ahead from the competition. Irrespective of the profession or industry, it is the goal of every business and individual […]

Know if you are ready to take managerial responsibilities and what skills can get you there

Wondering if you are ready to move up to take a managerial position? Stepping into the role of a manager is an important professional milestone but to take up the role successfully, you need to be honest to yourself. Even though leadership role comes with a glamorous title and perks, it is essential to understand […]

How do you get staff engaged in learning?

  Staff learning encompasses training procedures and course development activity aimed at increasing the competency and efficiency of employees within an organization. It has been recognized that the key to increasing productivity and improving the quality of work is by building a strong learning culture. By encouraging an environment where employees are keen to acquire […]

20 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Ever wondered what it is like to be an entrepreneur? If you are planning to be an entrepreneur, it is essential to be aware of the qualities that make a good entrepreneur and the things you need to do to stay relevant. Unlike the general perception, entrepreneurship is not associated with glamour and there are […]

How Do Strategically Chosen Pictures Make a Better Impact than Bullet Points in Professional Training Programs?

Training sessions are an integral part of many companies wherein employees are updated about innovations or the latest strategies that are about to be implemented. Such sessions are also conducted to often enhance the knowledge of employees in specific areas so as to improve their contribution to the growth of the company. However, most professional training […]

Confronting Middle Performance

Middlers A few years ago I had a colleague who, not matter what you asked him to do, would always say that he was in the middle of things. I never really exactly knew what it was he was in the middle of, but it was pretty important and obviously quite lengthy because he was […]

Best Ways to Beat Procrastination

  Procrastination, or the tendency to postpone tasks to a later date, gives a great sense of satisfaction. The pleasure, however, is only short-lived. Left unchecked, procrastination can turn into a self-sabotaging habit that can ruin your career as well as your relationships and life in general. So, be aware of the habit and take […]

Action Delayed Again

At our weekly meeting the same issue was been raised for the 4th time. Should we buy a new whiz bang copier? We’ve been having major issues recently with our current supplier (watch this space) and we might be in a position to get a good deal. There were some good reasons for hanging onto the […]