Walking on Eggshells with an Elephant in the Cupboard

Occasionally there is an issue so sensitive that it dwells comfortably (and festers) in the cupboard. Occasionally a brave soul brings it out in the open and after a barrage of disagreement, it is rehoused in the cupboard to continue festering. The result is akin to people walking on eggshells with an elephant in the cupboard.

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    Course Video

    Eavesdrop in – Learn about the Walking on Eggshells with an Elephant in the Cupboard Training Course

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    Key learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to

    • Practice conflict de-escalation techniques
    • Identify the root cause
    • Agree on behavioural boundaries
    • Explore proven skills to tackle difficult situations
    • Analyse behavioural scientific cause and effect models
    • Feel comfortable airing unpopular opinions without the fear of ridicule
    • Stay focused on the issue and not the people
    • Critique the impact of action and inaction
    • Create a problem-solving environment
    • Think thoughts through
    • Use an appreciative inquiry tool to remove negativity
    • Create a feedback loop to overcome struggle points
    • Build an action plan

    Course Description

    The great news is the walking on eggshells phenomenon is very prevalent in the workplace. As esteemed Psychologist Suzanne Lubris suggests “the net gain of addressing and possibly fixing the problem is just not worth the emotional cost, which results in major issues getting swept aside”

    It becomes almost habitual to not notice the elephant in the cupboard. In the “Walking on Eggshells with an Elephant in the Cupboard” course the facilitators coax the major issue back into the foreground. Participants use different tools to gain different perspectives of the issue. The root cause of the issue is then identified. Participants are often amazed how an independent facilitated session can be such a positive experience after the issue was previously too prickly to touch. Participants discover new solutions, and work collaboratively towards a solution, as your facilitator helps participants begin cracking eggshells at a comfortable pace.


    This program can be conducted as in-house training at your offices anywhere in Australia.


    • Group Size: An ideal group size is 5 – 9 participants.
    • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your offices. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.
    • Duration: This program is conducted as a full-day program with a suggested half day follow-up workshop.
    • Cost: Upon request.
    • Target Audience: Staff, supervisors, team leaders and managers.
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