Employee Engagement Training Course

Employee Engagement Training Course


he training process in six easy steps:

  1. Delivery of training program

Delivery of the Employee Engagement Training Program.

  1. Addendum learning journal

A learning journal will accompany every workbook. Participants will be encouraged to make note of creative solutions to address relevant work issues.

  1. One-to-one coaching

Approximately three to four weeks after the program, a business coach will contact each participant to monitor their progress and provide some specific c ideas to address any issues.

  1. Measuring the results – Retention, Application, Impact, Training/learning index (RAIT™)

RAIT (TM) is a valid and reliable learning assessment tool which produces a return on your investment, on any training program delivered. Developed by Dr Stanley Rodski, a neuropsychologist, this measurement system enables identification of training which exceeds, meets or falls short of learning expectations.

  1. Smart additional learning

Individuals learn in different ways. An additional learning tool will be sent to each participant after the training program. All tools are complimentary. Tools are selected that are likely to create a behavioural change in each participant, for example, articles of interest and reference materials such as Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

  1. Knowledge Sharing Workshop

Several weeks after the program participants are encouraged to meet again to discuss what strategies worked and what areas still need improvement. This workshop is facilitated and participants are encouraged to adopt best agreed strategies. Employee Engagement – Program Outline MODULE 1: What is employee engagement?

  • Define Employee Engagement
  • How do employees show their engagement
  • What drives employee engagement

MODULE 2: Positive impact of engagement on your business

  • Why is engagement important to your business
  • Employee Engagement and its link to business success
  • Importance of strategy, culture and values

MODULE 3: Measuring Engagement

  • Guest Presenter – Dr Stan Rodski
  • Employee Engagement metrics
  • Likely impact on your organisation

MODULE 4: Driving Employee Engagement

  • Investing in your employees
  • How well do you know, respect and value your employees

MODULE 5: Acquiring and retaining skilled employees

  • Acquiring the right employees
  • Link between valuing employees and organisational performance
  • Recognition & rewards for meeting goals

MODULE 6: Quality of leadership

  • The qualities of a good leader
  • Setting careers for leaders
  • Leadership performance evaluation

MODULE 7: Organisational Culture

  • Setting organisational culture with a set of values that are followed
  • The power of effective career development programs and improved business results
  • The link between employee satisfaction and commitment to the organisation

MODULE 8: Employee wellness

  • How to value employees’ interests outside work
  • Promoting ‘real’ balance at work which supports employee values
  • The importance of work life balance on employee productivity and business success

MODULE 9: Knowledge Sharing & Networking

  • “But knowledge is found among the branches” Austin Clarke, 1921
  • Several weeks after the program participants are encouraged to meet again to discuss what strategies worked and what areas still need improvement. This workshop is facilitated and participants are encouraged to adopt best agreed strategies.
  • This will also be a good networking opportunity for the participants to interact and share their post program work experiences with others.

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