End to End 360 Degree Leadership Training

End to End 360 Degree Leadership Training


A smart tailored training program with a start, middle and end.

Here is a popular method of addressing your leadership gaps.

It begins and ends with a 360 online survey. Your leadership program is designed and delivered to address identified leadership gaps.

Individual strengths and weaknesses from the 360 are also debriefed one on one with each participant (in confidence). If you are in a leadership position and keen on upgrading your skills, our 360-degree leadership course is perfect for you.

End to End 360 Leadership identifies the learning that the group needs. Here’s an example of what your program might look like.

360 Survey Online

Each participant completes a confidential online pre and post training 360 survey. Participant selects up to 6 raters, a mixture of direct reports, line managers and colleagues. The 360 feedback will form the basis for tailored development and one on one coaching.

Each participant will receive one on one coaching (and survey debriefing) before the leadership training commences. This preps the participants for the training delivery.

Between the workshops, some project work keeps the participants engaged. For example in the above case, the participants were asked to complete a behavioral style survey between day one and two. Participants also had some change leadership reading before Day 3 and a group project to be completed for Day 4

Day One (sample)

Leadership Culture
  • Leadership V Management
  • What does staff want from leaders?
  • What’s your current leadership culture?
  • Leadership capacity and capability
  • Group 360 debrief
  • Service review
Leadership Styles
  • Self leadership styles
  • Group strengths and weaknesses from the 360
  • Leadership behaviours
  • On-the-job learning opportunities
Values Based Leadership
  • A leadership beacon
  • What did we do before values?
  • Values based leadership
Performance Review

Day Two (sample)

The Four People Styles
  • What are they?
  • Commonalities
  • Behavioural differences & similarities
  • Managing the different styles
Ladder of Inference
  • Assumption testing
  • How knowledge is gathered
  • Unconscious bias – Leadership Based
Emotional Intelligence
  • EI and EQ
  • The EI Leader
  • Applying EI to self and others
  • Goleman insights on EI
  • Using EI to better manage teams
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Lencioni’s findings
  • Identifying dysfunction in teams
  • Addressing the five dysfunctions
  • Apply the model to internal relationships

Day 3 (sample)

The Knowing Doing Gap
  • Pfeffer and Suttons findings about leadership inertia
  • Promoting action rather than procrastination
  • Self managed teams
Building Innovation Teams
  • Innovation – Does it really matter
  • How to be innovative
  • Doing an innovative task
  • Cultivating innovation
Leading Change
  • Being a change leader
  • Working with people stuck in the past
  • Understanding change and loss
  • Maintaining change momentum
  • Renegotiating the psychological contract

Day Four (sample)

Group Project Review
  • Key learning and observations
  • Provide evidence of how each group worked with managers
  • Assessment on effectiveness of the team
Project Analysis
  • Continuous improvement
  • What could work (Appreciative Inquiry)?
  • Implementation and thinking tools
  • Discuss “if it’s to be its up to me”
  • Keeping people accountable
  • Micromanagement or empowerment
Action Planning
  • Being strategic
  • Break free from short term things
  • Writing action plans


Would you like to attend this program?

For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an on-site program.

Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your workplace. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.

Duration: The course can be fitted within your timeframe.

Target Audience: High Potentials, Middle Managers, Supervisors, Leaders.

Cost: Price on request.

If you would like more information on this training program, please contact:

Preferred Training Networks on 1300 323 752

Email: Deborah at ddear@preftrain.com.au or visit our website today: www.preftrain.com.au

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