Influencing And Persuasion Techniques


Influencing And Persuasion Techniques

Influencing Skills plus Persuasion Techniques – A dynamic combination

A powerful influencer and persuader can navigate a person in a direction (towards the light) and both parties will be committed to the finish. This program will give you an insight into other people’s decision-making styles and thinking styles. Discover workplace influencing skills that save time and workplace angst.

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    Key learning outcomes

    By the end of the program, participants will learn the skills to:

    • Identify differences in others
    • Create individual action plans to develop individual persuasive techniques
    • Understand opposition thinking styles
    • Have confidence and knowledge to invent win/win outcomes for both parties
    • Discuss the importance of congruency in influencing others
    • Communicate more effectively with different personalities
    • Be confident of your objectives beforehand
    • Strategically use hypothetical’s to keep people on track
    • Explain different persuasion techniques
    • Influence people in a desired direction (towards the light) and obtain commitment and assistance from key stakeholders
    • Understand the importance of active problem solving
    • Identify key stakeholders
    • Use active listening and questioning to unearth critical information
    • Interpret information quickly
    • Understand the importance of a road map in using your influencing skills
    • Use different influencing styles for diverse personalities and cultures

    Course Description

    The course content is engaging and has shown to have significant psychological improvements in the way you can influence and persuade people. The course focusses on both internal and external customers too. When you don’t have hierarchical or statutory power then you really need influencing skills and persuasion techniques

    Questions you might be asking yourself

    How do I influence my manager? How can I persuade customers? How do I influence my peers in the workplace?

    1. Understanding the difference between influencing and manipulating
    2. Establishing positive attitude and commitment from your colleagues and employees
    3. Profiling your persuasion style
    4. Creating a road map to establish your influencing skills
    5. Learning the different approaches of influencing
    6. Understanding that a one size fits all approach is not effective
    7. Accepting the diversity in personalities
    8. Learning to actively solve problems and interpret information
    9. Strategies to improve decision making and influencing in crisis situations
    10. Be mindful of myopic influencing styles and do not get lost in detail
    11. Identify the person of power quickly in any meeting
    12. What works – what doesn’t
    13. Acknowledging your strengths
    14. Opposition thinking styles
    15. Preparing for the unexpected
    16. Tell-tale signs of an experienced persuader
    17. Dealing with dirty tricks and gambits

    Would you like to attend this program?

    For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program.

    • Ideal group size: 4 – 12 participants.
    • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program.
    • Duration: This program can be adapted to meet your requirements.
    • Cost: Price on request.
    • Target Audience: Employees, Supervisors, Team Leaders & Senior Managers

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Melinda Kavanagh – Marketing Manager 1300 323 752 or visit our website today.

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