We conduct a wide range of non-technical training in areas such as Client Management, Sales Skills, Cultural Diversity, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Time Management etc. For more details on our training areas click here.
    1. We′ve mixed the best parts of a training broker to give you a seamless service delivery Subject experts, learning programs and more 1300 323 752
    2. Here are some of the benefits available to you
    3. You have access to every imaginable non technical learning program. An outline of 170 of our most popular learning programs is available at all programs
    4. Your learning project can be any size. We look after all the non technical learning for many of Australia′s Top 500 companies.
    5. You only have to deal with one point of contact who will introduce you (with your permission) to subject experts within the network as your need develops
    6. You won′t receive multiple calls from multiple people. One person will be responsible for delivering on all your expectations every time
    7. To make invoicing more seamless you only receive one invoice and we remunerate all the different people that delivered your service
    8. We can manage multiple projects simultaneously. For example we could arrange 4 x key note speakers for your sales conference 12 x different half day learning programs 2 x customised full day leadership programs, 3 x one on one coaching programs, the translation of one of your workbooks into Chinese and deliver an instructional design project that you urgently require next month.
    9. Every member of the network is available for you to call at anytime. This means you can call your trainer facilitator and/or instructional designer whenever you have a query or need an update. All our subject experts are contractors and will be delighted to hear from you and help you. On the other hand we will ask your permission if these people need to call you. This eliminates you receiving multiple mediocre requests like "Will I have a data projector?" Your single point of contact will be responsible for ensuring all these critical parts of your service are delivered seamlessly
    10. Our clients refer to us as a learning partner. We work for you the client to deliver the best possible learning outcome. All members of our network have been referred into the network by senior management from Australia′s Top 500 Companies
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Why don′t you trial us with a small piece of your overall training need. Call us today 1300 323 752 and see for yourself how quickly your non technical learning needs can be met
This means that all the trainers, facilitators and instructional designers within our network have been referred by Senior Managers from Australia′s 500 companies. We are the first network in Australia to provide quality learning through our network of subject experts. In addition, all the subject experts within our network must meet stringent auditing and quality control guidelines.
We can organise learning programs, conferences, key not presentations, one-on-one coaching. The duration of these programs depend on the client′s requirement. A learning program may be as short as a 90 minutes or it may be a package that lasts over 12 months.
We provide learning solutions for people working at different levels within the organisation. This includes the Entry Level Staff, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Middle Management, Senior Management and CEO′s.
After the project is delivered, it is evaluated based on the written feedback and comments of the participants. A written feedback report on the program can also be provided to the client if requested. We also provide a program measurement service whereby the success of the program is measured by an independent party. For more details on the measurement service refer to question 7. Participants are provided continuous support and networking opportunities. Preferred Training Networks conducts learning activities in the form of breakfasts and newsletters to update participant knowledge and provides opportunities for networking.
We use a variety of professional development measurement tools. You may be looking for ROI measurement or you may be looking for evidence of a behavioral change You may be looking at alternatives to Kirkpatrick′s level one measurement. Recently predictive measurement of training programs is very popular. We advocate professional development measurement and we have learning data available to help you benchmark the effectiveness of your training. For more information call our measurement consultant 1300 323 752.
It is very difficult to join our network. In fact, 99% of applications from subject experts are rejected due to our stringent quality auditing process. If you are a subject expert of the highest calibre and are interested to join our network, contact us for more information on the entry criteria.
We provide a superior service guarantee to all our clients. For details on our service guarantee click here. We assure the quality of our trainers through our strict auditing and quality control guidelines that must be met by all subject experts.
Yes. Our team at Preferred Training Networks strives to do things right every time and our superior service guarantee ensures that you get excellent service through every stage of the training process. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and always aim to earn your trust and respect. In the event of non delivery of our high standard, we will provide you a full and satisfactory service recovery. For details on our service guarantee click here.
Yes. As a caring organisation, 5% of our profit is donated to charity. Our Preferred charity is the The Christina Nobel Children′s Foundation www.cncf.org
To make our service easily accessible we have provided a learning request form that you can complete and return to us. To access the Learning Request form click here. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone, fax or email. For our contact details click here.
Yes. We offer learning anywhere in Australia and overseas.
We respond to all learning enquires within 24 hours. During this time we will be able to provide confirmation of our ability to meet your learning needs.
Clients invoiced by Preferred Training Networks and we subsequently pay our network of subject experts.