Separating Role as Manager and Role in the Community

How to Roll Along Wearing 2 Hats in Regional Communities Living and working in smaller and regional communities often means wearing two hats, one for your professional/work role and one for your personal/community roles. The trouble with this situation is when these roles cross over and managers and supervisors often report difficulties separating their role […]

Working with New and Emerging Diverse Communities

Introduction Recent research carried out as part of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs’ Productive Diversity Partnerships program indicates that while there is growing awareness of an interest in diversity, there remains a low level of practical action to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by Australia’s new and emerging communities. A common response to […]

Reducing Workplace Sickies

The Manager’s Guide to Reducing Workplace Sickies Although sickies are often joked about as being an Australian institution, they cost Australia billions of dollars every year. Of course, sick days are inevitable but some sickies are signs of despair and some sickies are discretionary. Every manager who attends this breakthrough program receives a “managing workplace […]

Trust Building

Think of an organisation that you trust and think of an organisation that you mistrust. Which organisation are you prepared to spend extra with? Which organisation will you complain more about? Which organisation are you more loyal to? Which organisation would you give discretionary effort to? Which organisation is more susceptible to a tighter economy? […]

Working Across Communication Silos

This program focuses upon strategies to work across communication silos in your organisation. This program shows you how to communicate to these silos and integrate your people and processes and streamline your communications. Does your organisation have communication silos? 1. We often face interdepartmental disruptions 2. We struggle to clearly communicate across all departments 3. […]

Trial By Presentation

So imagine the difference if your people could keep the chairperson, magistrate, or judge more engaged. Imagine the impact of re-framing apparently dull information into more appealing and powerful bite sized pieces. Magistrates and judges react very favourably to well planned and delivered information. This course also gives some tremendous insights into the psychology of […]

Telephone Skills Training Course

Our phone etiquette training enables participants to handle telephone call more professionally. Our phone skills training helps people to understand the needs of customers and use the phone in an effective way Ask yourself the following about your telephone skills? We give 100% attention to all our calls? We always ask for all the details […]

Presentation Training Course

Effective presenters make the craft look simple. They quickly and easily demand the attention of an audience.They weave in interesting and relevant illustrations to make their points. They end their presentations clearly, concisely and precisely within the time frame allocated to them. The audience leaves with a very clear understanding of what the presenter wants […]

Networking Skills Course

Did you know? Almost everybody is interesting if you know the right questions to ask Understanding your preferred learning style is important to assist with memory. Everyone can improve their ability to remember people’s names. Choosing to make associations that are visual is more effective. Less than 2% of people will follow up a conversation […]

Foresight Thinking & Methodology

Foresight allows us to think ahead and consider what may eventualise. Foresight would have been critical for mankind to survive and it is often a skill that we utilise subconsciously. This workshop is designed to help participants unleash the power of their foresight. Using this methodology we can get a clearer picture of what seems […]