Writing Skills


Writing Skills

At Preferred Training Networks, we believe that effective written communication skill is essential to ensure that your message creates an impact and contributes positively to your organisation. Our writing skills training course aims at enabling participants to convey their ideas and message in a concise and comprehensible manner.

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    Key learning outcomes

    Your Business Writing Skills program will give your participants the skills to:

    1. Recognise the #1 cause of confused and disjointed writing.
    2. Understand the role of the left-brain and the right-brain in composing business writing.
    3. Use powerful active verbs to make their writing come alive.
    4. Experience the value of re-writing – and how for nearly all writers, to achieve clarity, simplicity and brevity, rewriting is the answer.
    5. Effectively and efficiently edit and proofread either their own or someone else’s writing.

    Course Description

    This program is designed to help participants communicate more professionally through the written word.

    Businesses make use of various methods to communicate and most of these depend heavily on written schemes. With a lucidly written communication, you can ensure that your message is conveyed correctly to your target audience. Writing professionally and coherently is an important skill for most people in business have to do a certain amount of writing just to get through the day. This may simply involve writing a few emails to staff or colleagues. In order to write clearly, it is very important to think clearly on paper. However, this may appear to be challenging.

    If you are eager to upgrade your writing skills, our course is ideal for you. Our writing skills training course is specifically created to equip participants with skills to develop structured content. The ability to communicate professionally will not only help you grow in your career but will also create a positive image for your organisation. Any message or business document that is difficult to understand or read, sets a negative image of the business and writer. Moreover, written communication that is not precise can lead to confusion.

    The organisation may end up wasting a lot of time clarifying doubts. This clearly indicates the importance of professional, concise and natural content to help your organisation get its message clearly across its audience and generate engagement.

    Written documents are tangible evidence of the degree of your professionalism. People often get anxious when they have to submit documents, reports or presentations. Many professionals also need to develop their editing and proofreading skills. Our course focuses on all the key elements that can enable the participant to write planned and structured content. We intend to make the task of writing persuasively easy for you.

    With an emphasis on brevity, sentence structure and style, our course prepares you to develop a fluent and natural writing technique. This program also provides a range of proven techniques for using words correctly and for ensuring that readers understand your intended meaning.

    Our two most popular business writing skills versions are

    1. Writing skills for Businesses
    2. Public Sector Writing Skills

    With a friendly and relaxed training environment, each course offers you the opportunity to easily master the art of writing. You get to learn the techniques of writing and succeed in crafting content that easily connects with your audience.

    Register for our writing course today to enhance your confidence and boost your career.

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact:
    Melinda Kavanagh – Marketing Manager
    Phone: 1300 323 752

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    Our Courses Are Available Australia Wide

    We offer in-person Writing Skills, programs and workshops run by expert trainers to organisations across Australia. Our programs are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and other areas of Australia. If you’re looking for Writing Skills “near me”, save yourself some time and contact us today. Wherever you are in Australia, we can come to your organisation or organise a venue for in-person training, workshops and skills programs. Find out what Preferred Training Networks can do for your organisation. Get a free online quote now or give us a call today on 1300 323 752 to discuss your requirements or explore our full range of courses.

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