Preferred Training Networks is a filter of excellence.

It is your access point to the best independent instructional designers, facilitators, trainers and consultants in Australasia. To locate the best people, we use the “The 5 Filter approach” This unique approach allows us to fit the perfect subject expert with your organisational needs.

Our Clients include: BHP Billiton, Boeing, Queensland Rail, Workcover NSW, Medibank, RTA, Dept of Transport, Amcor, Urbis, AGL, WA Fire & Emergency Services, TAC, Toll, Dept of Defence, Dulux, Port Energy, Bank of Queensland and more.

Filter of Excellence
Independent Subject Experts

Would you like Access to the two percent of Subject Experts in Australasia?

We use the Top two percent of independent subject experts in Australasia. Working with this eclectic group means we are highly professional and can provide hands-on solutions. So if you are looking for a top consultant, instructional designer, trainer or facilitator then look no further than Preferred Training Networks. Preferred Training Networks has been providing the services of independent experts for over 7 years.

The 5 Filter ApproachSnapshot

To fit with your expectations and your culture, we recommend the 5 Cs approach:


The expert people within the “Preferred Network” have been referred to us as the best in Australiasia by very senior managers from the top organisations in Australasia.

Evidence Based Outcomes

Referred experts are judged on evidence based outcomes. This also helps us to pinpoint key strengths and abilities.


Verifiable testimonials from key managers in top industries are a prerequiste to joining the network.

Pigeon Holing

Experts are sorted by industry experience, expertise, knowledge and geographical location. (this reduces flights and accommodation and promotes local expertise).

Continuous feedback

Liasing with our clients regularly means we are getting regular and honest feedback. This keeps the network of experts sharp.