How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Coworker

Thanks to its ‘passive’ nature, passive-aggressive behaviour is often difficult to spot. Once uncovered, passive-aggressiveness is also difficult to eliminate, especially in the professional atmosphere of an office. Most of our interactions in the office occur between co-workers. Whether it be discussing the project, planning for the weekend, or catching up with office gossip at […]

10 Observations of Smart People

Smart people do smart things. This is a fundamental concept that has been tried and tested true in numerous studies. Smart people are incredibly important to society. The reason being plain and simple- smart people make smart decisions that could determine the outcome of a number of things involved in society. A leader’s smart choice […]

Cause and Effect Assumptions

Our house is surrounded with gum trees. A hot Summer is a nervous time for bushfires etc. Then I had a visitor who told me the answer was simple. He’d listened to a person from the USA talking about how to stop people losing houses in bushfires. Alas the answer is simple, “just cut down […]

Blaming Other People

I was at an organisation last week when all the computers malfunctioned. It was chaotic to say the least. Everyone was out of their chairs stomping around. After a short while, everyone was trying to figure out who was to blame. There was a handy man fixing a floorboard and he became the target. When […]

How to Improve Salesmanship and Grow your Business

Being an entrepreneur also means that you are a salesman and therefore need to make sure you have an excellent sales process in place. Selling is where you make your bread and butter and if you are not able to sell, you are not running a business. No matter what your budget may be, you […]

How New Managers Can Lead Without Disrupting Productivity

The success of any business is heavily influenced by the efficiency and skill of its managers. Managers play a key role within an organization and contribute to the growth of the business in significant ways. However, new managers often find themselves in the midst of challenges when trying to acclimate into their new position. They […]

7 Keys to Developing Resilience

Most of you may remember about the itsy-bitsy spider who climbed the water spout. And then it rained and the little spider was unfortunately, washed out. However, after the sun dried the rain, the spider proceeded to continue its journey up the water spout. This little nursery rhyme, was perhaps our first lesson in developing […]

4 Ways to Effectively Build a Personal Brand

A great personal brand reflects expertise and facilitates transparency, which are crucial to establish yourself as an authoritative and credible voice in your business, industry or a chosen field of interest. Whether you are a corporate employee, an independent specialist or a business owner, a well-established personal brand will help you realise your personal and […]

6 Ways to Be More Productive in 2019

Increasing productivity is a timeless resolution. It tops the resolution list every year but seldom gets realised. It is important to be productive at work because doing so enhances your performance, increases your job satisfaction and makes you feel better. Each year brings its own triumphs and challenges. But, let them not affect your productivity. […]

8 Signs That a Business is Poorly Managed

Successful businesses thrive on the hard work of dedicated employees, excellent communication, continuous innovation and a desire to provide more to customers. All of these depend on how well managed a business is – how effective the management is in steering the business in the right direction. Whether you are the business owner, a customer […]

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