Communication Skills for Organisations

Apple employees strived for better hardware products because Steve jobs inspired them. GE’s senior leadership team reached new heights primarily due to Jack Welch’s mentorship. Amazon ethos today is clear to its employees and the world due to Jeff Bezos’s careful articulation. All these leaders have one thing in common- outstanding communication skills. In this article, […]

Change Apathy

Last quarter we were working with a large health organisation. They were preparing for some major changes and they had engaged a change management trainer to run sessions for staff and managers. The exec team contacted us as they’d just finished the pilot program and were concerned that the change management training wasn’t up to date. So […]

Why Offices have Become the Perfect Place for Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

From gossiping at the coffee machine to using emails to evade personal contact, today’s workspace offers numerous opportunities for passive-aggressive behaviour. Passive aggression is a masked and deliberate way of expressing hidden anger. A passive-aggressive employee will use numerous types of behaviour to get back at people, without them ever becoming aware of his anger. […]

How to Identify Passive-Aggressive People

“Behind the smile, a hidden knife!” This is an ancient Chinese proverb that aptly describes passive aggressive people. Many of us can easily spot overtly aggressive people. While it does not feel good when someone belittles, insults, or criticizes you, at least you know the reason behind feeling hurt. But some people around us, including […]

How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Boss

Bad bosses are not just a nuisance at the workplace. A leader’s overly critical, manipulative, credit-taking and passive-aggressive behaviour can cause workplace depression, bullying, psychological distress and job dissatisfaction among employees. If you are struggling with the consequences of your manager’s toxic personality, you are not alone. As per Mental Health America’s examination of more […]

6 Tips to Deal with Aggressive Behaviour

Most of us encounter hostile and aggressive behaviour at some point in our lives. You may come across people showing signs of frustration even at the slightest hint of an unpleasant situation. In fact, they may be oblivious to their behaviour and how their action might impact others. In such cases, it is necessary to […]

How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Coworker

Thanks to its ‘passive’ nature, passive-aggressive behaviour is often difficult to spot. Once uncovered, passive-aggressiveness is also difficult to eliminate, especially in the professional atmosphere of an office. Most of our interactions in the office occur between co-workers. Whether it be discussing the project, planning for the weekend, or catching up with office gossip at […]

10 Observations of Smart People

Smart people do smart things. This is a fundamental concept that has been tried and tested true in numerous studies. Smart people are incredibly important to society. The reason being plain and simple- smart people make smart decisions that could determine the outcome of a number of things involved in society. A leader’s smart choice […]

Cause and Effect Assumptions

Our house is surrounded with gum trees. A hot Summer is a nervous time for bushfires etc. Then I had a visitor who told me the answer was simple. He’d listened to a person from the USA talking about how to stop people losing houses in bushfires. Alas the answer is simple, “just cut down […]

Blaming Other People

I was at an organisation last week when all the computers malfunctioned. It was chaotic to say the least. Everyone was out of their chairs stomping around. After a short while, everyone was trying to figure out who was to blame. There was a handy man fixing a floorboard and he became the target. When […]