Good Managers Know How to Delegate

Delegating is delegating. It is easy to think that simply asking or directing people to do things is delegating, that isn’t delegating, that is more like dumping. Don’t kid yourself with the illusion that you are some laid back highly delegating manager simply because you ask people to do things all the time. Your people […]

Understanding How to Manage Fear of Change in the workplace

Managing change is always going to be an issue for organisations. Whether it’s a restructure, a merger, a technology update, a new initiative or even a new CEO, organisations constantly face some form of change. The challenge is to firstly accept the need for change and secondly, successfully navigate change. Unfortunately, organisations often manage change […]

Performance Appraisals

The two words that strike fear into the heart of managers and staff – Performance Appraisal. Why do managers and staff react so negatively to performance appraisals? Often the negative reaction is because the collective experiences of performance appraisal is ambivalent at best and negative at worst. For many people a trip to the dentist is far more […]

Matrix Management Program

Don’t worry, I am not referring to Keanu Reeves and people in ankle length leather jackets and dark sunglasses. I am referring to a model of organisational design. Matrix management is a structure that uses specialist staff from different functional areas to work on projects or assignments being led by project managers. Staff working in […]

Coaching – The GROW Model

In a previous blog we discussed how a manager can use coaching as a strategy for staff development and performance improvement. Today we will be discussing the GROW model of coaching, a simple yet effective framework for workplace coaching. The GROW model outlines four key areas of the coaching conversation… Goals Reality Options Wrap Up […]

Inviting and Receiving Feedback, Graciously!

At some point in your career, and even your personal life, you will receive feedback. Most people are very happy to receive feedback as long as it is positive. The challenge is receiving negative and critical feedback. It is important to understand that negative feedback, if delivered appropriately, provides us with a powerful development and […]

Giving Better Feedback! Tips and Tricks

Everyone likes to hear that they are doing a good job! Positive feedback delivered in a constructive manner can invoke feelings of pride, confidence and a sense of a job well done both for the employee and the manager. Employees who feel positive are more likely to continue to demonstrate the behaviours for which they […]

Simplicity and Complexity

Don’t you love people who are always telling you how complex things are! The same applies to organisations. Why do some organisations make things far more difficult and complex than they need to be? Think about how the check in procedure for most airlines. This is a complex process, passengers need to be checked in, […]

Managing Up

I talk with a lot of people about their work, their organisations and their manager. I am always intrigued and even surprised at the number of people who don’t know what I am talking about when I ask them about managing up. Why I am surprised? I am surprised because in my experience managing up […]


Today’s manager is expected to achieve targets and outcomes as well as ensuring their staff are aligned to the organsiational strategy and vision. Furthermore, managers are also expected to develop their staff, nurture talent and manager performance. For many managers the temptation is to focus on the doing part of their roles, the day to […]

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