10 Observations of Smart People


10 Observations of Smart People

Smart people do smart things. This is a fundamental concept that has been tried and tested true in numerous studies.

Smart people are incredibly important to society. The reason being plain and simple- smart people make smart decisions that could determine the outcome of a number of things involved in society. A leader’s smart choice in any scenario can significantly affect you.

One smart choice that intelligent people make is seeking out other smart people in their work relationship. These people are the real deal, meaning they are smart and make smart decisions. Since there is no smart meter that can help us know if someone is really smart, there are a list of behaviours that differentiates the smart ones from the rest. Read through them here.

Smart decisions come from smart people

Smart people are aware that there are consequences to their actions. They are also aware that good business results are earned one smart decision at a time. They consider all aspects of their decision and its outcome so that they get the expected result. However, a couple of smart calls does not make you omnipotent. Taking good decisions consistently takes focus and discipline.

They have answers but not all of them

As per an old saying, ‘Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do.’ While it is a funny line it does hold some reality. Smart people are certainly not know-it-alls and they certainly do not go around reinforcing this idea. They do not have answers to all the questions but it is their inquisitive nature to seek relevant information on things that are of significant matter. Smart people are smart to know how much they do not know and they work to fill this gap.

They learn through trial and error

From taking our first ginger steps to our last, people gain knowledge on many things by learning from their mistakes. Even the best of us make errors but only the wisest learn from them. Smart people consider failures and errors as a learning opportunity. They know that a reality check and honest judgement about oneself is the only way to perform better next time.

They prefer the company of smart people

Man is a social animal. Individuals can be smart but the best work is done by small teams. Some knew Steve Jobs to be very controlling, but he ensured that his leadership team of around 8 to 9 people comprised of the most talented individuals. Individuals who could understand and share their concepts and ideologies with their teams.

They are resourceful

Humans did not evolve a huge neocortex without reason. Human intelligence is an evolutionary advantage. Intelligent people generally tend to be more creative and adaptable. They make use of their surroundings intelligently to achieve results. 5 to 8 million years of evolution and smart thinking has made humans the most powerful creatures on the planet.

They reason and change their minds

Stubborn people rarely move from their ideologies, no matter how outdated or wrong they are. Even when presented with irrefutable evidence, stubborn people will still insist they are right.

Acceptance to change is a characterizing feature of smart people. Without scientific methods, causality, logical reasoning and critical thinking, the human race would still be in the dark ages.

They do not follow fads

Today, we live in a golden age of pseudoscience and fads. Mike Judge portrayed this brilliantly in the movie-Idiocracy. The film focuses on the dumbing down of society. The movie that was meant to be a comedy soon became a documentary.

Smart people know their priorities. They know that fads don’t last long and don’t matter. They check facts, follow proven methods and also look for innovative methods that constantly make the system better.

They live within their means

While all of us did stretch a bit when we were young, but once you have achieved something you wouldn’t want to lose it. It is not a good idea to squander your achievements pointlessly on extravagant purchases and living beyond means. Smart people know this.

They have blindspots

As developed as their frontal lobes are, every smart person has at least one emotional blindspot haunting them. Many a time, smart people make the critical mistake of letting their emotions get in their way. They often rely on their smartness too much and try to do everything themselves. This can lead to errors and failures,

They are not always as successful as entrepreneurs

Intelligence is obviously necessary when it comes to starting a successful business. However, as mentioned above, smart people don’t always have all the answers and they do make mistakes. Not every smart person is a qualified entrepreneur. Several factors such as timing, market and funds are involved to found and run a business successfully over the long haul. A smart person only learns from his failures and returns with better knowledge and experience.

To sum up

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