Why Storytelling Is Important in Growing Your Business

Every organization that has made a name for itself has a story to tell. And we all love stories, don’t we! A story captures people’s imagination, compels them to delve more into how the company evolved, its journey through the years and how it managed to survive several ups and downs. This creates an indelible […]

6 Fundamental Skills Successful Leaders Practice

When you want to be a good leader (not just a manager or a good employee), education will, unfortunately, not take you very far. Even if you come from the best business school, nothing can replace regular, hands-on training and experience. Some people consider that leaders are just ‘born’ that way. While attitude and aptitude […]

How the Role of Manager Has Changed in Modern Times

When you think of a manager, the very first image that comes to your mind is that of a person sitting inside a chamber, monitoring a team or department with people reporting to him. The manager reports to someone higher in the hierarchy or directly to the employer or director. For more than a century, […]

How to Manage 2 People Who Hate Each Other?

Of the several things you do as a manager, perhaps the most important and difficult task is inter-personnel management. When two employees are equally productive and valuable to the company but are at loggerheads with each other, it is indeed a tough situation to manage. A fine balance is important to ensure that none is […]

How to Excel in a Business Meeting?

Meetings often don’t end the way as planned. There are divergent opinions that can lead to an acrimonious situation and the meeting can end on an inconclusive note. However, amidst all that chaos, you can still make your mark and leave an indelible impression on others. In the cut-throat competitive world of corporate management, it […]

Secrets to Becoming a Good Leader

Great leaders don’t have leadership ingrained in their genes; rather they mould themselves into that role through years of perseverance. There are several traits that go into making a great leader and not just a manager. It is an assimilation of several exceptional qualities that have been honed over the years through learning, experience and […]

Why Is It Important To Train Employees To Disagree With The Boss?

Running a successful business with a healthy work atmosphere is all about maintaining the delicate balance in the relationship between superiors and subordinates. If you are the owner or ‘the boss’, it is but natural for you to think you are always ‘right’. You have the power, position and prudence that have made you what […]

Useful Tips for New Team Leaders

Whether you have just joined an organization as a new team leader or taken charge of an existing department in your company, guiding a team is always intimidating for new leaders. There are several challenges and unexpected situations may crop up anytime making your task more difficult. Co-workers have their own opinions and work methods […]

Common Hiring Mistakes New Managers Must Avoid

Human resources are the greatest asset of any organization and nobody wants to hire the wrong person. Recruiting is a time-consuming process and requires careful planning, evaluation and serious deliberation before a final decision is taken. Understandably, hiring personnel is one of the toughest jobs for new managers. First, they do not have the experience. […]

10 Vital Skills for Human Resource Professionals

Human resource professionals are often considered people who shape the backbone of an organization. They are people who bring out the best in employees, smoothen out the little conflicts and ensure a harmonious inter-personnel relation in the organization. If you are looking at human resource development as a future profession, you must be proficient in […]

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