7 Keys to Developing Resilience


7 Keys to Developing Resilience

Most of you may remember about the itsy-bitsy spider who climbed the water spout. And then it rained and the little spider was unfortunately, washed out. However, after the sun dried the rain, the spider proceeded to continue its journey up the water spout.

This little nursery rhyme, was perhaps our first lesson in developing resilience.

Resilience in a person is an exceptional quality. We achieve resilience by working hard everyday and making consistent progress towards our goals. These everyday efforts act as benchmarks that we design our life around. A person who strives to be exceptional will be willing to take risks, will know when to rest and be fearless to differ from the rest.

So who are these resilient people?

In the current business scenario, a good example of a resilient person is a salesperson who moves from one customer rejection to the next without losing enthusiasm. He or she has a positive outlook for his future and finds a way through many problems and failures to achieve his or her objective.

People do not inherit resilient quality. They develop it through various conditioning factors such as upbringing, education, special training and more. Through consistent personal training, any person can develop resilient skills. Lets have a look at some characteristics that help develop resilience in a person.


A self-respecting individual will not depend or count on others to know his self worth. To be resilient, you need to practice the skill to self-soothe during tough times. Regardless of the circumstances, you need to continue to operate with a sense of composure. When things get particularly stressful, tap into your pliability, motivation and will, to push yourself forward.

Resilient people always have faith that things will eventually work in their favor because they believe deeply in the worth and value of they are, what they offer, and their end goals.

They see the big picture. According to their perspective, problems that may seem huge at the moment are quite meaningless when it comes to attaining their overall goal.


Resilient people care deeply about how they are received by other people and connect with them on an emotional level. Because of this understanding, they are naturally more driven, emotionally intelligent and confident.

While it is common for many individuals to stop after encountering the first obstacle, a resilient person finds a way through large number of failures and problems to achieve their objectives.

Resilient people carry a relaxed attitude and take rejection as an opportunity in disguise. They do not turn away from challenges and do not allow outside influences affect their focus on the end goal. Due to their exposure to multiple failures, resilient individuals are not afraid of failing, knowing fully well that it is the end goal that matters not the journey.

Keeping company

Every heard the saying ‘Bad Company Corrupts Good Character’?

The company you keep and the people whom you choose to connect with, discerns your ability to be exceptionally successful and happy in any situation. Most times, negativity induces a lot of drama, so you need to be careful about surrounding ourselves with people with more cynical point of views.

Resilient people are keenly aware that their relationship choices have a critical impact on their business’s productivity. The company you keep in a working atmosphere determines not only your moods and energy but also indirectly affects your clients, customers and consumers.


Staying classy will never lose trend. Resilient people are quick to understand that the loudest people are also least heard. A tasteful and classy approach to a relationship is also a good way to operate a business. Favoring hard work over public accolades allows success to shine on its own merit.

To be classy and tasteful, you need to be mindful in your posture, style and speech because all these subtleties portray our personal value. Resilient people are social, charismatic, graceful, elegant and well-spoken. Whatever the situation be, a resilient individual will react with grace and crucial understanding that the situation will demand. Your confidence needs to draw attention rather then needing it.


Do you wonder what makes some people leaders and the others followers? One major aspect that distinguishes a leader from others is the ability to follow a routine and take care of oneself.

Developing a routine is a crucial part of success. It also enables you to nurture yourself, your family and your business. It is in a resilient person’s nature to follow a routine to nurture themselves, children, partners, careers and their business. They make sure to exercise, eat and rest well. They avoid partying or working till they drop, thus leading an overall balanced and healthy life. This allows them to bear and work through much more stressful situations than others.

Resilient people take care of themselves and thus are more available and keen to take care of others. They are most likely find themselves in influential roles of family heads, leaders and trainers. They inspire people with their ability and not surprisingly, become role models to many.

Focus on others

Resilient people are able to see the good in others. Their optimistic outlook extends to their perception of the people around them. They enjoy celebrating others accomplishments along with their own.

Because of this, resilient people are great team players. They value the character and intelligence of others. They deeply believe that there is enough success, money and love for everyone and are more likely to take the whole team along on their successful journey, instead of going through it alone.

Thick skin

Thick skin does not mean that resilient people are insensitive to others needs. It means they do not let their emotions conquer them during challenging situations. For instance, a resilient person would be able to participate in struggles and political argument without becoming exceedingly emotional.

Resilient people are more ready to deal with criticism, rejection, and unfairness in a reasonable way. They stay calm during stressful times and take better decisions. This quality makes them a crucial personnel of many different business areas such as in retail, security, consumer interaction and many more.

To develop resilience, you must be willing to work tirelessly, be more open-minding and practice controlling your emotions. Resilient business men and women are powerful, yet humble; passionate yet practical. They are genuine people with exceptional character. To be one, you need to pursue with honesty and never give up, until you are where you want to be.

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