6 Ways to Be More Productive in 2019


6 Ways to Be More Productive in 2019

Increasing productivity is a timeless resolution. It tops the resolution list every year but seldom gets realised. It is important to be productive at work because doing so enhances your performance, increases your job satisfaction and makes you feel better.

Each year brings its own triumphs and challenges. But, let them not affect your productivity. Here are some ways to be more productive in 2019:

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences Faster

It is the age of instant gratification. Whether it is products, content or customer support, your customers expect a speedy delivery. This year, make speedy customer experience delivery a key part of your strategy to improve business productivity.

A focus on the following business aspects can accelerate your experience delivery and thus your productivity:

• Make it a business routine to get to know what your customers want. Social media platforms can be a valuable source of information. Follow customer experiences and comments on social media regarding your products, competitors and your industry in general. There are many online tools to help you listen to your customers on social media in real time.

• These insights enable you to understand your customer needs better and deliver what they want faster. These valuable insights help you design your products and marketing campaigns to precisely target customers of interest

• Consolidate your insights. As a business, you can get information from multiple platforms, including social media, and in-house marketing, financial, sales and customer support databases.

Unifying information on a single platform enables you to have an overall view of your current business status quo. This speedier access to information facilitates faster decision-making and thus faster experience delivery

• Decrease wait time for customer orders. Find a logistics partner with a wide distribution of warehouses to efficiently ship your orders and shorten delivery time. Done well, a shorter delivery time can provide a major competitive leverage for your business

• Open up multiple relevant platforms to improve your customer experiences. Set up tools such as online chat stations for customers who are wary of going completely digital.

Constant support to guide customers along the way can speed up customer-based processes (e.g., purchase), improve customer experiences, and build brand loyalty, in the long run

• Minimise downtime caused by absenteeism. This can be used by employing technological tools. These tools are built to be understood and operated easily.

An employee can send an out-for-the-day notification to the HR who can then notify employees with similar skills and arrange for a substitute within the earliest time possible

Organise Productive Meetings

Meetings have been known to take up a lot of time, leaving the attendees with a lot less enthusiasm and energy for the work day ahead. It is not only the meeting per se, but also the time taken for pre-meeting communications and other arrangements that impact productivity.

The best way to tackle the downside of meetings is to shrink their time. If a 30-minute or a 60-minute meeting has been customary, why not consider reducing the time to 25 or 50 minutes? Adapt your team and yourself to the new timing by ensuring that:

• You always have an agenda for the meeting. Discard meetings without an agenda

• You team and you are well-prepared for the meeting. Send online links and other material to members beforehand so that they know what to expect and have the right information and ideas to up the momentum of the meeting. This way you can make meetings more productive and complete them faster

Managing meetings efficiently without them affecting your productivity continues to be a challenge even for some of the most seasoned players in the business world. But, with constant practice, you should be able to ace your meetings.

Minimise Brain Overload

Distractions can affect focus and hence productivity. It has been found that a person who gets interrupted or switches between tasks every 3 to 5 minutes suffers brain overload. This can leave him or her tired and burnt-out by the end of the day (Source: Training Journal).

Resolve to minimise such mental overload in 2019 by minimising distractions. Find out the timings when your focus is at the peak and devote such times of the day to the most important work tasks.

Check your emails during specified periods of the day. Turn off email notifications during the remaining part of the work day to minimise distractions. Also, minimise the use of your mobile phones while in the office.

Encourage Cleaner Workspaces

A lot of time can be wasted on finding relevant documents and files on a messy desk and an unorganised computer. Encourage your employees and motivate yourself to have a cleaner work desk and a computer with a well-sorted-out file storage system.

Sort through your file systems regularly. Get rid of files and documents that are old, have expired or are not useful anymore.

Getting rid of clutter not only keeps your workspace clean but also reduces distractions, which leads to better focus. Make cleaning a habit and not a now-and-then occurrence for the best productivity results.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep and Exercise

Good sleep and regular exercise are a timeless productivity improvement advice. These activities keep you healthy, focused and more productive at work. They help minimise stress and prevent burnout.

Invest in a Performance Management Training Course

A well-designed performance management training program can empower employees with personal skills required to succeed individually and as part of a team. With an effective performance management program, employees learn to manage themselves and their time better, and realise peak levels of productivity.

With the right training, employees become more motivated, adaptable to change and willing to leave their comfort zones. They also experience greater job satisfaction and a positive morale. Such training programs convert employees into organisational assets.

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