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Instructional Design Master Class

A hands-on practical course to boost your Instructional Design skills

Due to high demand, we are conducting a 3-day Instructional Design Master Class. This course is aimed at boosting the skills of unqualified and relatively new Instructional Designers. It is also great for self-taught Instructional designers to understand theoretical concepts that can be applied to enhance their existing programs.


Instructional Design is a systematic approach which aims at developing effective instructional materials. Our Instructional Design Master Class Course is designed to empower you with the skills to develop compelling learning solutions. With an understanding of the instructional design principles, learners can create engaging experiences for their audience. If you wish to extend your capabilities our instructional design training course is ideal for you. The course equips you to skillfully meet instructional design challenges in any industry. Apart from the methodology, techniques and skills you also get to learn about robust learning management systems to create powerful learning solutions.

With the development of educational technology, there is an increasing demand for blended learning solutions. The concept of blended learning integrates traditional methods and the new technologies with the aim that the benefits of both the methods are attained. With a powerful blended learning course design, it is possible to enhance a student’s learning outcome. Our course introduces you to the principles of blended learning models and discusses ways to create successful blended learning programs. You get to learn about instructional design practices for a blended classroom course. Our blended training is perfect for individuals involved in developing and designing learning solutions.

Would you like to discover ways to develop engaging learning materials that meet learner and business needs?

Are you looking for an LMS training to create structured and professional courses? If you want to develop enhanced learning opportunities with the latest techniques, our course will be of immense help.

This course is ideal for you if at least three of the following statements apply:

  • You are relatively new to Instructional Design
  • You would like to know the shortcuts the expert Instructional Designers use
  • You would like to speed up the Instructional Design process
  • You would like to understand audience engagement drivers
  • You would like to learn about tailoring courses to meet audience expectations

Note: This course is not suitable if you are already an experienced Instructional Designer

Preferred Training Networks delivers more than 13,000 learning packages every year. Now you can learn from the specialists. There is also a demonstration on how to convert a workbook to an e-learning course, however, the Master Class is not an e-learning course. At the conclusion of the Master Class, successful participants will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Our clients include: Boeing, BHP Billiton, BNP Paribas, Dept of Education, Dept of Defence, CGU Insurance, Sydney City Council,DPI, Pitcher Partners, Russell Kennedy, CSL, AGL, Northern Health, NSW Police, SA Ambulance, Vic Legal Aid, Brisbane City Council

3 reasons you should join our Masterclass

• Improve the quality of your learning materials

• Establish instructional design standards for your department

• Make your materials in line with industry best practice



• Identifying and validating performance gaps

• Determining goals of training

• Identifying and managing stakeholders and SME’s

• Learner profiling, including learning styles theories

• Identifying learning resources to meet needs


• Designing Paper-Based Learning Resources

• Adult learning theories

• Preparing learning objectives

• Training methodologies

• Grouping and sequencing content to support learning

• Preparing a design strategy

• E-Learning storyboarding


• Developing Learning Resources

• Characteristics of effective learning resources

• Developing effective activities

• Training aids

• Copyright

• ADDIE is covered in our “Advanced Facilitation Course”


• Program Evaluation and Review

• Determining measures of success of a training program

• Developing evaluation instruments


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