4 Ways to Effectively Build a Personal Brand


4 Ways to Effectively Build a Personal Brand

Whether you are a corporate employee, an independent specialist or a business owner, a well-established personal brand will help you realise your personal and professional goals effectively.
Here are some ways to build a personal brand that conveys the right impression:

Focus on the Value you can Create

Tell people what you can do for them. You might be good at many things, but what is it that you are best at? Identify that and build your personal brand around this aspect.

For example, you might be a professional who can help businesses manage their social media reputation. But if you believe that you are at your peak potential when writing blog articles for businesses, then your personal brand should be that of a business blogger.

By positioning yourself as a business blogger who helps clients build their online credibility, improve their website traffic and establish them as thought leaders in their fields, you are clearly telling people who you are and what value you can bring to clients if they hire you.

So, the first step to creating an effective personal brand is to understand what value you can deliver to your clients. Write down the “what (your expertise),” “who (who stands to benefit),” and the “benefits (the value you can bring to your clients),” to identify your real personal brand.

Deliver the Said Value, Consistently

Once you have proclaimed the value you can create for others, it is time to show that you can deliver them too. Your work should speak for you. It is your work that will bring credibility to your brand.

As important as delivering value is delivering it consistently. Say, you have a weekly newsletter that you send to your subscribers. It is crucial that you deliver the newsletter every week as promised. Consistency is important to build trust and loyalty.

Once clients start trusting your consistency, they are more likely to convert into loyal brand ambassadors. You can even get them put in a referral word or two regarding your work. When asking for testimonials, request clients to focus on describing the value you have created for them and what is it they find great about your work.

Good word-out-mouth is a valuable and long-lasting way of growing your personal brand.

Never Stop Learning and Honing your Skills

Consistency is good, but relevance is crucial too. You need to be with the times to deliver what your audience wants. It is only when you are relevant that you will be able to deliver the value you promised your audience. Say, you are consistent with your weekly newsletters, but you need to be creative and up-to-date with the way you present your content. If you are still using the same presentation that was relevant several months ago, then you are risking loss of valuable readership.

Keep honing your skills on the job. Be up-to-date about the changes in your industry. Keep in touch with your audiences to know how their needs are changing and what they need from you.

By being a step ahead, you deepen your expertise and get to surprise your customers by giving them what they need without them having to ask you. You may also discover new opportunities where you can create more value than you are currently doing.

For example, say you are offering marketing service to a select set of audiences. You have over time identified that your updated services could be of more use to a section of dentists.

Honing your skills facilitates specialisation, which enables you to distinguish your personal brand.

Leverage the Power of Online Platforms

Your personal brand needs promotion. You need to go online and present yourself in front of your target audiences. There are a variety of platforms to help achieve this objective:

Facebook Ads –

You can advertise your personal brand very cost-effectively through Facebook Ads. The best thing of this advertising method is that it puts you before the exact audience you want to target


Regular content, especially long-form articles, are more likely to be viewed, read and shared on the platform. No better way to tap into a large audience and slowly establish yourself as a thought leader in your chosen field!

Personal Website –

Start a personal website, preferably with your name as the website address. You can connect with your audience better with a personal website because they will have an official platform to learn about your work and you. They can reach you for enquiries and get up-to-date information straight from you.

You need not have an elaborate or complexly-designed website. A simple website with an About section and a blog link should be enough

Blogs –

Use blogging to your advantage. Create regular blog posts on topics of interest to your audience. Share these articles on your social media pages too to increase visibility. Consider using discovery platforms such as Taboola to get your blog discovered by your target audience

Discussion Platforms –

Use platforms such as forums, blog comment sections and tools such as Twitter chats to showcase your expertise where needed and engage your audiences

Remember to update your profile and content regularly on all these platforms so that users know that you are active on the platforms and listening to them.

A powerful personal brand highlights your expertise, builds your value over time, and sets you apart from your competitors. When done right, you can build and maintain such a powerful personal brand with the above strategies.

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