Understanding the Importance of Workplace Wellbeing


Understanding the Importance of Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing has emerged to be an important aspect of work-life with businesses recognizing the importance of happy and healthy employees. Wellbeing at work is a broader concept and involves much more than preventing injuries and illnesses. Rather it relates to every aspect of the working life including how employees feel about the work. A good workplace aims at both the physical and emotional wellbeing of employees and tries to imbibe a sense of happiness from being a part of a fulfilling career.

Work plays a significant role in our lives with a considerable chunk spent in the workplace. This clearly indicates the importance of promoting a work culture that keeps employees happy. By placing emphasis on employee health and wellbeing, businesses can boost their performance. Wellbeing promotion ensures that people like to be at work and give in their best. It also encourages them to be innovative and think of new ways of accomplishing business goals. To get the best from employees, businesses need to implement effective wellbeing schemes and take steps to watch employees flourish in every aspect of their lives.

Continue reading to know the reasons why as a business you need to care about your employees.

Reduce Turnover

For any business, turnover can often be a concern. This can have a negative impact on the performance of the business. Moreover, when employees quit, there is a cost involved in hiring a new employee. By ensuring that employees feel engaged and enjoy working with the business, you can prevent them from looking for another job.

Increase Productivity

Employee wellbeing is much more than just keeping employees happy at work. Healthier and happier employees perform better. Investing in employee wellbeing can reap rich business rewards. In recent years, health and happiness have emerged to be an important part of corporate culture and businesses across the globe are adopting measures to keep employees happy.

Healthier and happier employees are able to focus better and feel less tired. Fatigue and distraction are common workplace issues that can be dealt with effectively by emphasizing on the overall wellbeing.

Reduced Stress

By implementing health schemes, businesses can minimize the risk of health concerns in employees. This will result in employees taking a fewer number of sick leaves. By promoting a vibrant culture and encouraging employees to maintain a work-life balance, businesses can ensure that the level of stress is reduced and there is an increase in productivity.

Attract the Best Talent

The goal of any organization is to attract and retain the top talent. While salary and technology were earlier considered as the primary factors to keep the best talents, a recent study indicates that good work-life balance was the most important factor considered by individuals when exploring new job opportunities.

Employee wellbeing is also the key to retention. With wellbeing benefits and bonuses, a business can retain the best talent in a highly competitive job market. Retention is a big challenge for most companies but by focusing on wellbeing, businesses can position themselves better.

Making Efficient Use of Time

Poor health and stress reduce the productivity of the workforce and leads to a reduction in time efficiency. Mental and physical strain can also cause employees to take unplanned leaves.

Connect With Employees in an Effective Way

By making employees feel valued, a brand is able to engage with its workforce effectively. Individuals who are appreciated are more likely to go the extra mile and put in the best effort for their company. Moreover, employees who are happier are being able to face challenges and stressful situations in a positive way. By developing a positive relationship with its staff, employees feel valued and have a higher probability of staying with the company. It gives them a sense of purpose and increases their morale.

Improved Communication

Research indicates that a cornerstone for business success is keeping the level of communication high. Communication not only increases productivity but also makes the entire process streamlined. By focusing on employee wellbeing, a business can create a better channel of communication with its employees.
Organizations in recent years are taking employee wellbeing more seriously than ever before. The most important resource of a company is its employees and it is essential to support them at all levels. Employees who are supported feel more committed to their jobs and perform better.

Employee wellbeing also presents a company in a positive way and is an indicator of its brand positioning. By investing in employee wellbeing, an organization conveys the message that it is concerned about its employees. This helps in attracting talent and also prevents people from leaving the company.

Now that you are aware of the importance of workplace wellbeing, it is important to have a plan in place to implement measure for the same. From providing constructive feedback, rewarding employees for good work to offering flexible work options, there are various ways to keep employees engaged.

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