Retain Key Employees With An Appreciative Enquiry

Retain Key Employees With An Appreciative Enquiry


Using Appreciative Enquiry to retain key employees on the upswing

In 2010 you will lose many staff. Discover how to retain your talented staff

During economic uncertainty key employees and contractors think about “how is a possible upturn going to positively impact me and my family”. Loyal employees who stayed and made sacrifices in the downturn will get resentful as new people are lured to your organisation with a better package.

Looking at the Australian economy, a major opportunity will be to retain critical employees. A major challenge will be to identify the key people in your organisation that are about to leave (and haven’t told you) and to very quickly build engagement and loyalty levels.

In this workshop, your facilitator will unlock the loyalty drivers within your organisation and give your managers a proven methodology to retain your key players.

Appreciative Enquiry is a proven methodology. It deeply explores the impact of your organisational culture. Your organisation is probably doing so many things correctly, so why focus on the negatives. Mixing and sounding your concepts and positive thoughts with an Appreciative Enquiry facilitator is powerful. Your management team will unearth so many opportunities for your organisation. You will have a retention strategy. You will have a solid understanding of a framework to fence in your key employees. You will also know the motivations and thinking styles of your current key employees and you will reap the benefits of being proactive.

How does it work and how long does it take?

Initially, it is a short workshop with a facilitator with a proven track record facilitating sessions with managers in your industry. Your initial time investment for your management team is a facilitated 60 -90 minute session.

What outcomes could come out of an Appreciative Enquiry retaining key staff session?

We’ll send you a report highlighting how your organisation can retain your key employees. The report will also highlight the struggles that you’ll face. The report will also give the telltale signs to look for when your employees are about to leave A report will be sent 1 week after the workshop.

Here are some findings that have arisen from Appreciative Enquiry sessions regarding the retention of key personnel…

“Our high achievers lose interest. They do a very good job but we do not stretch them enough”

“We thought Gen Y high performers were transient and we did not realise we could keep them if we had individual career plans”

“We know how to keep key staff and we are now aware of telltale signs when they begin to think about leaving”

“We place too much focus on capturing external key players and we don’t pay enough attention to our internal talent that never lets us down”

“We get used to internal high achiever metrics and we forget to acknowledge the superb work they do”

Why use Preferred Training Networks to facilitate any of your sessions?

Here are some of the organisations that have used our learning services in the past 3 years:

BHP Billiton, City of Casey, Fairfax, Crown, Masterfoods, Office of Public Prosecutions, Freehills, Pitcher Partners, Boeing, Goldman Sachs JB Were, BNP Paribas, ANZ, AIR, State Trustees, Judicial College, SA Ambulance, Law Institute, Maddocks, Mills Oakley and CSL

If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Preferred Training Networks 1300 323 752 Email: mail@preftrain.com





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