10 Ways to be More Mindful at Work


10 Ways to be More Mindful at Work

Work is a vital part of life and work-life can be a rewarding and enriching experience. However, stress and frustration are often a part of the work routine and you may find yourself being pushed too far.

Are you aware that there are simple ways to reduce workplace frustration and staying productive does not always involve stress?

It is possible to enjoy work-life and ensure that a sense of balance is maintained. The secret to this is adding more mindful moments into your schedule.

Want to infuse your day with more mindfulness? Read on to know more.

To start with, let us understand what mindfulness is all about. It implies staying attentive to the present moment without being engulfed by your emotions. There are various ways to cultivate mindfulness and it does not necessarily have to be in the form of meditation. Let us look at some of the ways to ensure that you are mindful at work.

Be Aware Consciously

Mindfulness means staying aware rather than just working unconsciously. Being mindful at work implies that you are completely conscious of what you are doing and in control of your emotional and mental state. Mindfulness requires you to give your best to what you are doing without allowing your mind to wander. An easy way to try it is by bringing your attention back to work every time you are distracted. Begin your day with the intention that you will give your best to whatever task you take up.

Short Mindful Exercise

Another way is by training your brain to be mindful. With mindful exercises, your brain will find it easier to be in a mindful state. This will increase your productivity at work and enable you to do things in a better way. Even a short mindful exercise can work and you need not always need to practice 30-minute mindful exercise to achieve results. Just try a one-minute exercise of consciously staying connected with your senses. Such exercises help the mind to stay balanced and make reasoned decisions.


While single-tasking means concentrating on one task, multi-tasking is trying to switch between different tasks. Multi-tasking is an unproductive form of work and often makes people feel that they are accomplishing more tasks. However, in reality, it is an ineffective way as switching tasks result in losing information in the process. By maintaining a record of tasks that you need to complete and the time allotted, you can plan better and stay mindful without having to multi-task.

Make Use of Reminders

Research suggests that 47% of an individual’s day can be wasted lost in thoughts. This implies that staying attentive and training your brain to be mindful is the key to increasing productivity. By being habitually lost, you are unaware of the opportunities that lie before you. A person tends to function mechanically without being creative.

By making use of a reminder, in the form of just an alarm on the phone, you can take a mindful breath, reflect and give your best to whatever you are doing.

Speed Up by Slowing Down

Giving your mind rest increases its efficiency. If you are keen on becoming happier, productive and resilient at work, it is vital to slow down at times and give yourself a break. By doing a few short mindfulness exercises through the day, you give your mind the chance to relax and rewind. Being panicky can lead to wrong decisions and reduces your efficiency.

Change Your Perception About Stress

How an individual perceives stress can affect the impact it has on health and well-being. Our beliefs impact our health and by making stress your friend it is possible to change the way you work. By responding to stressful situations creatively and positively, you can see your problems as a challenge and be better equipped to deal with them.

Practice Gratitude

It is in the nature of people to dwell on things that have gone wrong rather than focus on the positive things in life. This practice results in adopting a negative and unbalanced approach to life. Evidence suggests that practising gratitude improves the quality of life and brings positive experiences. By being mindful of the good things around, you can make yourself resilient. Rather than dwelling on negative thoughts, it is vital to feed your mind with all the good thoughts. With gratitude, you can neutralize the negative bias in your mind.

Stay Humble

If you are humble, you don’t feel the need to remind others about your achievements. This ensures that your approach towards everything in life is balanced and you remain happy. Humility, however, does not mean considering yourself as an inferior. It only means that you are aware of your skills and achievements. Humility is linked to mindfulness as both are about accepting and being happy about the way you are. With mindful exercises, you can develop more humility.


Mindfulness is all about accepting the present situation and yourself. It does not imply giving up rather it means acknowledging the reality. Self-acceptance is essential and enables an individual to embrace even their shortcomings. It gives your mind clarity and enables you to adopt a more focussed approach towards everything in life.

Grow Each Day

It is important to have a growth mindset and make efforts to develop and grow every day. By focussing on ways to improve your talents and intelligence, you can emerge to be a more resilient individual. Mindfulness and the growth mindset are connected. With a growth mindset, you strive to focus on the present and make the most of every situation. You are aware that you can grow and discover new ways of performing better in every aspect of life.

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