Succession Planning And Talent Management
  • Understand what the best lawyers are doing.
  • Create seamless information flows.
  • Create a culture of information sharing and openness.
  • What change looks like at the top
Adaptive Flexible Management Training
  • Use time effectively and juggle deadlines easily
  • Adapt new behaviors in different situations
  • Be more proactive in reaching strategic objectives
  • Actively listen to areas of concern
Increasing Billable Hours
  • Lost billable time habits
  • Expanding the brief
  • Resisting the urge to discount to placate an unhappy client
  • Ideas to increase billable hours.
Influencing Negative Thinking Personalities And Change Resistors
  • Understand the psychology of negative thinking in the legal system
  • Identify struggle points and influence better outcomes.
  • Explain the characteristics of resistors of change.
  • Remove complexity, jargon and reward simplicity
Aim Higher
  • Keep connected and build engagement levels.
  • What’s your priorities?
  • Learn to expand targets
  • Delivering client expectations
Career Management Program
  • Identify a career development framework.
  • Discover different assessment tools to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand the importance of fitting with the right role and organizational culture
  • Develop networking skills.
Change Management Course
  • Set a communication plan for change within your firm.
  • Overcome the barriers to change.
  • Position the change as a positive opportunity for employees.
  • Build an effective feedback loop to improve further changes
Cultural Diversity Training
  • Develop suitable techniques that improve understanding, problem-solving, and build existing trust levels
  • Build a platform where people from different cultures feel accepted and comfortable
  • Create effective cross-cultural, professional relationships
  • Adapt approaches and communication style depending on the specific requirements of a particular culture.
Succession Planning And Talent Management
  • Understand what the best law firms are doing.
  • Create seamless information flows.
  • Create a culture of information sharing and openness.
  • Retain critical organizational knowledge
Critical Conversations
  • Identify your style under stressful situations within health
  • Feel comfortable working through uncomfortable things
  • Practise the skill of listening to understand rather than convince
  • Feel more confident in initiating vital conversations with patients and carers.
Modern workplace skills for the legal environment
  • Networking Skills
  • Interpret a client’s future needs, unstated needs and expectations
  • Remove a blame culture that stifles innovation
  • Building relationships with clients
Workplace Tolerance Training Course
  • Build diversity strategies into your firm
  • Embed empowerment to all employees and team members.
  • Understand social, cultural and religious beliefs in the workplace.
  • Develop key leadership behaviours which support team and individual development
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    Change Management Course

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