Aim Higher
  • Keep connected and build engagement levels.
  • Diagnose the preferred learning styles of high performers
  • Learn to use performance appraisals
  • Compute the psychology of influencing highly intelligent minds.
High Performance Work Practices (HPWP)
  • Make decisions in a proactive manner
  • Understand organisational problem-solving behaviour.
  • Why change?
  • Build trust levels between knowledge silos across your organisation.
Managing Uncertainty At The Workplace
  • Understand the concept and dynamics of EI
  • Using EI to build relationships with clients
  • Building rapport when its difficult
  • Clients value relationships? Y/N.
Goal Setting
  • Understand the meaning and importance of ‘Goal Setting’.
  • Create SMART goals
  • Formulate clear and precise goals to achieve what you want
  • Use time management techniques to achieve your goals on time.
Advanced Negotiating Skills
  • Hone existing negotiating skills with higher sophistication and success
  • Discuss the power of collaborative negotiating styles.
  • Understand how to dismiss opposition ideas without causing offence
Emotional Intelligence Course
  • Understand the concept and dynamics of EI
  • Resolve situations of potential workplace conflict
  • Implement CRM Strategies to develop long term relationships
  • Create a positive and productive organisational culture.
Stress Management
  • Identify the causes and symptoms of stress
  • Discuss the stressors of dealing with difficult people
  • Utilise time management skills to get past chaos management
  • Pursue positive thoughts rather than dwelling on faults
G3 Interpersonal Skills For 3 Different Generations
  • Learn to influence and communicate efficiently across Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomer age groups
  • Understand the motivations and drives of different generations.
  • Understand different personality styles and how to match your communication style.
  • Turn difficult clients into opportunities for the organisation
Supply Chain Relationship Building
  • Develop rapport and build stronger relationships in your organisation
  • Understand your supply chain’s decision making processes.
  • Add value to your supply chain
  • Learn communication skills for different cultures, generations and personalities.
Lean Thinking Styles to Reduce Waste and Gain Productivity
  • Deliver a behavioural change to improve quality using Lean thinking techniques
  • Address uneven work flow
  • Deal with and resolve customer complaints
  • Apply crisis management and remove chaos.
Strategic Thinking & Planning Training Course
  • Learn to use foresight and think about the big picture
  • Become more proactive.
  • Identify characteristics of profitable and successful organisations.
  • Implement risk management strategies throughout your organisation.
Trust Building
  • Embed a transparent culture
  • Understand the link between lack of trust and low productivity
  • Drive high performance and productivity
  • Remove role ambiguity.
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