Sizing Up People Successfully
  • Understand interpretation and learning styles
  • Learn to use active listening and questioning skills
  • Gain clarity and context quickly
  • Interpret what drives people
Lean Thinking Styles to Reduce Waste and Gain Productivity
  • Deliver a behavioural change to improve quality using Lean thinking techniques
  • Address uneven work flow
  • Deal with and resolve customer complaints
  • Reduce waste in mining.
Listening And Being Fair
  • Learn to utilise effective emotional intelligence
  • Communicate fairness parameters and be intuitive
  • Explain decisions using NLP communication techniques
  • Listen to mining feedback without forming judgement.
Email Writing Skills Training and Etiquette
  • Recognise and remove the 4 biggest email errors.
  • Use powerful active verbs instead of passive verbs.
  • Calibrate an email style guide and learn the 7 signs of email excellence.
  • Keep your mining jargon easy to read
Stress Management
  • Identify the causes and symptoms of stress
  • Discuss the stressors of dealing with difficult people
  • Utilise time management skills to get past chaos management
  • Pursue positive thoughts rather than dwelling on faults.
Building Rapport with Your Team
  • Build rapport with your people
  • Blueprint the employee experience
  • Manage expectations of the mining sector
  • Give and receive feedback.
Email Writing Skills Training and Etiquette
  • Recognise and remove the 4 biggest email errors.
  • Use active verbs instead of passive verbs.
  • Avoid using social media habits
  • Keep your emails integrated and easy to read.
Performance Management And Bullying Awareness
  • Address poor performance before it spirals and set boundaries.
  • Be alert to what behaviours may be perceived as bullying by different personality types.
  • Gain the skills to have courageous conversations with reports; peers and managers.
  • Develop rapport which generates trust and manages resistance
Employee Engagement Training Course
  • Why is employee engagement important in mining
  • Boosting engagement in the mining sector
  • What do employees want
  • Supports organisational values
Decision Making Training Course
  • Demonstrate the AI problem solving tool
  • Anticipate expectations of people working in the mining sector
  • Practise using modern decision making tools
  • Track down information that is the most meaningful, practical and purposeful.
Workplace Conflict Resolution Training
  • Rid your organisation of the number one cause of workplace conflict – role ambiguity
  • Focus on the root cause rather than addressing symptomatic responses.
  • Build rapport with opposition thinking styles.
  •  Critique a 5-step conflict resolution plan.
Productivity Management Training Course
  • Address poor performance before it spirals.
  • Create a positive culture that welcomes productivity targets.
  • Influence your people to work as part of a team rather than individually.
  • Build an effective feedback loop to improve further changes
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