Consultative Selling Skills Training
  • Understand buyer behaviour
  • Involve and engage your client through the process
  • Create, Communicate and Deliver Value
  • Build trust and commitment.
Empowerment and Motivation Skills
  • Apply the theories of motivation in the workplace.
  • Boost employee engagement levels and enjoy the proven outcomes.
  • Create a sense of purpose through goal setting and reaching targets.
  • Implement a long term plan to sustain the motivational techniques applied in the workplace.
Marketing Skills
  • Understand how to communicate, create and deliver value.
  • Discuss and interpret buyer behaviour
  • Build levels of loyalty with targeted clients.
  • Make profitable customers a priority.
Workplace Conflict Resolution Training
  • Rid your organisation of the number one cause of workplace conflict – role ambiguity
  • Focus on the root cause rather than addressing symptomatic responses.
  • Build rapport with opposition thinking styles.
  • Critique a 5-step conflict resolution plan.
Stress Management
  • Identify the causes and symptoms of stress
  • Discuss the stressors of dealing with difficult customers in retail
  • Utilise time management skills to get past chaos management
  • Pursue positive thoughts rather than dwelling on faults.
Sales Business To Business Building Blocks
  • Identify what exactly your customers value and their perception of value
  • Understand question based selling techniques, as well as active listening and the laddering technique
  • Learn behaviours of successful salespeople
  • Apply selling techniques that place emphasise on benefits rather than features
Employee Recognition Training
  • Motivate and engage employees and teams
  • Learn to deal with poor performance and poor attitude
  • Align rewards with values, behaviours and objectives
  • Practice active listening and questioning skills.
Employee Engagement Training Course
  • Understand the importance of strategy, culture and values in retail
  • Learn about the link between valuing your staff, and higher organisational performance
  • Why do organisations embrace employee engagement scores
  • Administer a balance that supports employee values
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