Vendor Management Skills Training Course


Vendor Management Skills Training Course

Learn to develop an effective customer relationship strategy to build a strong bond with your customers. Our customer relationship management course is designed to equip you with the skills to manage positive relationship with your clients. If your role is sales-related, maintaining and building relationships with clients is essential.

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    Key learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to:

    • Map your bargaining power with vendors
    • Indicate ways to transfer accountability to the vendor rather than shouldering the burden alone
    • Discuss the games vendors play to jack up pricing
    • Use the GROW model to structure critical conversations with vendors and seek feedback
    • Discuss how organisations today compete through “value chains”
    • Identify the tricks and gambits the master negotiators play and how to disarm them.
    • Select the vendors that add value to your organisation
    • Deal with difficult vendors
    • Discuss how large organisations drive vendor prices down (not up) in negotiations
    • Prepare for an upcoming crucial conversation with a vendor
    • Discuss the role of terms and conditions (who benefits?)
    • Classify vendors along levels of loyalty to you
    • Discuss the impact of taking shortcuts on contract terms
    • Review the most common error after reaching agreement with vendors

    Course Description

    Plan of action

    Building customer relationships is an imperative component of any successful business. Putting the needs of the customer first and developing a robust customer relationship can enable you to gain an edge over competitors. If you wish to enhance your client relationship management skills, this course is ideal for you. Our vendor management course is designed to equip participants with the skills to effectively manage vendors. Efficient vendor relationship management is critical to improve business performance and our vendor management skills will enable you to build successful business strategies. Perfect for individuals who wish to obtain the best results from vendor relationships, our course introduces you to the key to successful vendor management. If you wish to enhance your business presentation skills, our course is perfect for you. The trial by presentation equips participants with strategies for structuring and delivering presentations to maintain a good vendor relationship.

    Vendors feed your organisational needs. Your supply chain should be seamless and cost efficient. Some of your vendors are loyal and will always make sure you get a fair deal. Other vendors are like smiling assassins. They are smiling with their teeth but they have only one customer in mind “themselves”.

    Designed by an organisational psychologist, this course will help participants discover ways to improve the vendor relationship. The vendor management training enhances the skills of professionals in building customer relations. Participants will also be encouraged to search for improvements and efficiencies in your supply chain. This supplier relationship management training will help you to engage effectively with new and existing clients.

    Case Study

    One popular case study is managing the “copier vendor”. Discover the tactics that the copier sales people use to drive up your prices. Your organisation has huge bargaining power up until you sign the contract. Once that contract is signed then you are bound by the terms and conditions. So in this interactive session, participants practice principled negotiation skills to take advantage of your bargaining power. Have you ever noticed how quickly the copier salesperson disappears after the contract is signed? Your new contact ensures contract adherence with no rapport.

    Would you like to attend this program?

    • Ideal group size 4 – 10 participants
    • Cost Price on request

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact:
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