Managing and Reshaping Organisational Capacity

Transforming your service framework to meet capacity

Smaller organisations are adept at juggling capacity. Existing capacities and structures are broken down and reshaped quickly to seize an opportunity or a change in demand. Mid to large-sized organisations struggle with shifting capacities. Whilst there is talk of being agile, the reality is that instead of action, squabbles occur and the opportunity is lost. Organisational capacities are perception-based. Organisations continue to overestimate their ability to manage and reshape capacity.


This short course will show you how to change the mindset about how your people view your existing capacity. Participants will also learn how to change your service model to meet capacity. This course is perfect for you if your people keep repeating that the demand on their time and resources is too great. Rethinking your capacity is a proven method to delivering greater value with the same resources.

At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate current capacity gaps
  • Discuss structures to change capacity mindsets
  • Mirror your capacity with demand
  • Distinguish between perceived capacity and actual capacity
  • Reflect on a missed opportunity that outstretched current capacity
  • Explain Drucker’s key findings on organisational capacity
  • Develop upstream and downstream capacity buffers
  • Create strategies based on simplicity rather than complexity
  • Identify when agility is required
  • Assess demand based on capacity flexibility