Supervisors and Managers – They’re Different!


Supervisors and Managers – They’re Different!


Management hierarchy can be hard to understand – You as professionals may have trouble setting your professional goals too! You may wonder whether you’d like to become a supervisor or manager, for instance. So, understand the who Supervisors and Manager are, first.

Supervisors are professionals who are in direct contact with operatives and the functions of a supervisor should be clear. The prime objective of this position is to bring stability in the organization. In simple words, a supervisor leads the first line management and overlooks employee performance.

Managers, on the other hand, are the ones who administer and control the entire enterprise! This set of professionals belong with the business level management and supervisors belong with the functional level management.

After understanding what the role of a Supervisor and Manager is in an organization, let’s look at the difference between the two!

1. Hierarchy – The Supervisor is known to be a top position professional in lower management. The Manager is known to be somewhere around mid-way when it comes to management level. If you want to become a Supervisor, you can check out some very fruitful Supervisor Training Courses. If you’re interested in getting training as a Manager, there are some great Management Short Courses in Melbourne which are world- class!

2. Leadership – The Supervisor in an organization is someone who oversees employees and regulates their tasks. A Manager, on the other hand is the one who manages resources of the entire organization or team, whichever is smaller.

3. Linking Pin – The Supervisor communicates mostly with the Manager for his team’s optimum performance. The Manager communicates rigorously with the Board of Directors. She brainstorms with the experts and comes down to conclusions for what works best for the team.

4. Approach – The Supervisor mostly follows the introverted approach! They’re known to be great observers and only take care of their allotted area. The Manager mostly follows an ambivert approach. Reason being, he mostly is supposed to take care of his team and the external environment.

5. Supervisor vs Manager – The Supervisor, as the name suggest, Supervises people at work. The Manager manages men, money, machinery, material and method at work! To understand this concept more in- depth, a supervisor course online should suffice.

6. Key Responsibility – The Supervisor is responsible for the team she’s in- charge of and their activities too. The Manager mostly is held accountable for the same.

7. Control – The Supervisor of any organization may not have any right to hire or fire an employee. However, he can always make a recommendation! The Manager takes responsibility of hiring or firing.

8. Discipline – The Supervisor is known to be the one taking care of disciple at work, follow rules and so on. The Manager is a democratic man who may be flexible but, needs to be assertive, when required.

9. Planning & Organizing – The Supervisor plans and organizes work stations, office environment and related aspects for optimum employee productivity. The Manager makes business plans which need to be followed and executed by his team.

There’s a lot of challenges which come in both the professions. However, you’ve got to figure out which position you are fit for – Not all Managers can be Supervisors and vice- versa. Understand yourself and apply for promotions in accordance with that!

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