Resilience Training


Resilience Training

Resilience training is terrific. It certainly makes your day to day job more exciting and more manageable. When things go wrong you’re more likely to accept that thing go wrong on occasion. A resilient person will bounce back quicker after disappointment

From a work perspective a resilient employee is far more valuable too.


When determining the resilience levels of an employee, look out for these 5 simple traits:

  1. The ability to be connected to others
  2. Being able to change directions without causing a negative reaction.
  3. Strong communication skills with the ability to problem-solve both individually and with others.
  4. The ability to manage strong emotions.
  5. Not sweating the small stuff while focusing on the big picture.

There was a breakthrough experiment carried out that showed that dogs can learn to be helpless. It’s a learned behaviour. On the flip side humans can learn to be resilient as it is also a learned behaviour.

So if you haven’t jumped on board yet with resilience training don’t miss out. “Team Resilience” and “Leading Resilience” are also options to spread the good vibe.

resilience_in_the_workplace leading_resilience

In the words from Nelson Mandela:

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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