6 Ways to Stay Calm Under Pressure


6 Ways to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Life is getting busier everyday and with the assistance of modern technology, we are spending more hours working than playing. Naturally as workload increases so too does the pressure associated with longer hours at work. Learning how to stay calm under pressure, especially when dealing with difficult clients or customers, can turn a bad day in the office, into a good one.


Here are 6 ways to stay calm under pressure:

  1. Start by putting things into perspective. It is easy to dramatise a situation when you are feeling stressed or anxious. When something doesn’t go right, first analyse the situation and put it into perspective and allow this to decide your stress levels.
  2. Understand your own panic signals. When put under pressure, our bodies have their own way of naturally reacting. Learn how your body reacts to stressful situations and create techniques to work with them, not always fighting against them.
  3. Teach yourself a little self meditation. This involves deep breathing to assist the body to stay calm under pressure. If an irate client or customer is screaming at you, taking a few deep breaths before responding allows the body to reduce the stress levels, clear the mind and prepare your response.
  4. Take your time before reacting. This works closely with the breathing. When a situation is in high alert, naturally people respond quickly to end the situation. Take a few extra seconds to think about your response, allowing your body to stay calm before dealing with the stressful environment.
  5. Try to avoid negative people. Easier said than done but the more you surround yourself with negative people, the more your energy moves from positive to negative. If you are in a negative frame of mind, your reaction to a difficult client or customer will be defensive and this never ends well.
  6. Have automatic responses ready to go. When dealing with a difficult situation, the brain can go into panic mode and responses may not come naturally. Having a few automatic responses to give to difficult clients or customers gives you the upper hand and allows more time to keep the situation turning into one that you can’t handle.

We have designed a learning program to help you stay calm under pressure when dealing with challenging clients or customers. The skills learnt can also be translated into everyday life too.

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