How to Deal with Difficult People


How to Deal with Difficult People

At some point in your career you will find yourself dealing with difficult people. Sometimes you’ll be dealing with difficult internal people. Other times you might be managing a difficult customer. Whether it’s your direct manager, a team member, a colleague or even a customer, difficult people can be tricky, challenging and draining. Too many night’s sleeps are disturbed due to both managing difficult people and managing self reactions.


The key to deal with difficult people is to focus on the immediate behaviour, diffuse the situation as quickly as possible and to understand why they are difficult.

Signs of Duress

  • Lying awake anticipating difficult conversations
  • Flying off the handle over something minor
  • Shifting from chaos to chaos rather than pursuing objectives
  • A feeling of high tension
  • Replaying difficult scenarious in our head
  • Resenting other people

How you can nurture this capability?

  • Focus on the person and not the behaviour
  • Keep calm
  • Deep breaths before responding
  • Remove tension between parties
  • Allow people to express and share their frustrations

Learning how to deal with difficult people is a part of every day life. If you would like to find out more information of Dealing with Difficult People, contact us now.

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