Raising the Resilience Levels


Raising the Resilience Levels

Never before has resilience been so importnat in the workplace. By raising the resilience levels of a team within the work place, there is a natural flow on effect onto the rest of the organisation. Levels of resilience vary across organisations and levels of resilience can even be affected by the day of the week. Being able to prepare a team to handle both stormy and calm seas, raises the resilience levels and increases productivity.

Raising Organisational Resilience

We have developed a course called ‘Raising Organisational Resilience’ to teach you and your team how to handle the rough seas and enjoy a calmer outlook.

Some of the major learning outcomes from this course are:

  • Learning how to respond to challeneges
  • Developing techniques to improve levels of workplace calmness
  • Understanding and changing how organisations deal with recurring issues.
  • Identify how your team members react to change
  • Developing strategies to manage the change cycle
  • Learn how to communicate with greater empathy
  • Building a stronger rapport with internal and external customers

If you think your team could benefit from Raising Organisational Resilience levels, contact us and we can discuss this course in more detail.

For further information:

Ph: 1300 323 752    email: mail@preftrain.com.au

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