Leading a Resilient Team

Resilience is the ability to cope under stress or through a crisis. Resilience in the workplace is when a team works together, bouncing off each other, to return the situation back to a calm and workable one. For a team to be resilient, it requires strong leadership with powerful skills in managing resilience.

How does your team cope when disaster strikes?

resilient team

Think about your work environment and ask yourself these questions:

* Do the managers and leaders set a positive tone in the workplace?

* Are the staff composed at work and have a good work nature?

* Has your workplace established a healthy work/life balance?

* Do you work well as a team?

* Do the managers and leaders recognise the telltale signs of poorly motivated and/or unengaged staff.

Take this quick SKILLS TEST to determine whether you and your team need a little resilience training.


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