Do You Bury your Head in the Sand?


Do You Bury your Head in the Sand?

Everyone is a customer. Maybe you have a recurring issue with an internal customer. You just can’t see eye to eye. Even a minor dispute flares up because of your relationship. Or maybe it’s your biggest external customer who is always being difficult yet people turn a blind eye. So what do you do? Are you helping or hindering the situation? Are you sometimes difficult yourself?

How do you deal with difficult customers?


Here are 5 key points to remember when dealing with difficult internal or external customers:

  1. Listen – not just the nod your head type listen. Really listen to what they have to say. A good listener engages with the other person and limits distractions.
  2. Empathise – put yourself in the difficult customers position to determine exactly how they are feeling and why they are so upset or irritated.
  3. Accept – at this point there is no point arguing over what you feel is right and what they feel is right. Simply accept what they are saying is right in their mind so you can move to the next stage of respecting their opinion.
  4. Respect – when a customer feels their voice is being respected, they no longer feel it is a personal attack. This allows the person to relax and start the process of negotiations.
  5. Negotiation – after all stages are been successfully completed, most difficult customers lower their defenses and start to see reason.

If all parties play fairly, difficult customers no longer appear as challenging and often a fair and reasonable result can occur.

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