Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development

Professional development courses are not only useful for individuals but also for businesses to scale new heights. Empowering employees with new skills can immensely help any company to reap rich rewards. Personal and professional development courses are designed to enhance key skills and offer the chance to discover hidden abilities. Within any organisation, people work as a team to accomplish desired goals. Equipping employees with social skills can improve the performance of your business.

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    Course Description

    Tuckman’s stages of group development describe the four different stages of a group as they get together to operate collectively. The stages of group development by Tuckman enable people to gather a better understanding of how groups work.

    Forming: This stage is marked by the desire of people to be accepted by others without any conflict. People avoid issues and focus on understanding team structures. However, people are gathering information about each other.

    Storming: People can remain polite to each other only as long as issues are being addressed. This stage is marked by the presence of minor confrontations and depending upon the organisation’s culture, most of the issues are suppressed.

    Norming: This stage marks the establishment of ‘rules of engagement’. People understand each other better and learn to appreciate skills.

    Performing: This is the stage of interdependence and flexibility. People know each other well and are able to trust them to make way for independent activity. Group identity and morale are high and people are able to direct their efforts towards desired goals.

    Adjourning: This phase marks the completion of the task and dissolution of the team. Following this stage, team members may either become less focused or highly focused. The behaviour at this stage varies.

    The right set of training can help people to develop their skills and make the best use of their talent. With Tuckman’s stages of group development, participants get an insight into the stages that they will encounter when a new team is formed. Professional development courses develop both social and professional skills that can help people perform better as a group. If you are eager to learn more about Tuckman’s stages of team development our course is ideal for you. By understanding Tuckman’s stages, it will be possible for people to be aware and smoothly navigate through the stages.

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