Performance Management for IT & Technical People


Performance Management for IT & Technical People

Research concurs that many organisations gave the IT and Technical Department too long a rein at Performance Management time.

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    Key learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

    • Map out the key struggle points that seem to appear over and over again
    • Brainstorm ideas to get past struggle points
    • Critique the value of the existing performance review
    • Embed a positive culture
    • Identify and remove negative behaviours
    • Get behind the organisation’s objectives
    • Feel more connected with the organisations objectives
    • Help IT and Technical people understand the critical importance of seamless service delivery
    • Remove resentments that may have built up over time
    • Improve clarity in scoping
    • Break down communication silos
    • Deal with difficult people
    • Review performance management case studies
    • Agree performance management action plans

    Course Description

    With the dot com boom, organisations were too busy to performance manage IT and technical people. The performance management task was left to the IT manager, who was often technically minded and had very little spare time for this crucial task. Rewards and bonuses were tied to task achievements with little linkage to behavioural guidelines.

    So how do you pull in the reins of IT and technical people and get them to deliver important tasks without having to jump over mountains? Surely they should behave like other internal departments and deliver a seamless service. If you consider the key departments in most organisations, the IT Department is still a relative newcomer. There is no doubt the rapid influx of IT people brought a wave of breakthrough advancements to organisations, but in many cases this breakneck speed led to short-cuts in performance management.

    Designed by an organisational psychologist, this is a breakthrough practical course to break open and level any IT and/or Technical silos in your organisation. This unique course helps unite participants behind the organisation’s objectives. The target audience is ideally a mix of IT and non IT people and helps flesh out the day to day difficulties that arise. You’ll notice an immediate workplace improvement as your IT and technical people meet the organisations expectations and objectives. Your non IT people get a better understanding too of how they “inadvertently” cause bottlenecks and tension.

    “A breakthrough practical course to break open and level any IT and/or Technical silos in your organisation”

    “Help IT and technical people understand the critical importance of seamless service delivery”


    This program can be conducted as in house training at your offices.


    Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 10 participants.

    Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your offices. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.

    Duration: Each course can be conducted as a one day program.

    Cost: Upon request.

    Target Audience: IT Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders PLUS the Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders that need technical tasks completed more seamlessly.

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