Negotiating & Influencing Variations to Contracts


Negotiating & Influencing Variations to Contracts

An opportunity to revisit your negotiating style and win more concessions

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    Course Description

    Variations to contracts can be difficult. But some teams are beaten before the conversation happens. Instead of negotiating harder, you are hoisting the flag of surrender. This course is designed to give you new tools and insights to win more concessions. Discover a disciplined approach to managing change orders. You’ll become more formidable negotiators and influencers. We’ll even help you adjust your body language.

    Participants also discover how to disrupt a strong argument with an alternative offer. The alternative offer(s) will have been strategised and conceptualised beforehand. People get conditioned about the outcomes of contract variations. If you’re weary of constantly getting squeezed, then this course is a breath of fresh air. It’s also a chance to mix up your representation. It’s like playing chess. If you play the same moves, the opposition will be easily able to outwit you. But if you mix up your moves, then you’re changing the game.


    • Deflating expectations
    • The key role of active listening
    • Figuring out what’s important to the other party
    • Planning for success – success metrics
    • Influencing skills 101
    • Preparing your BATNA beforehand
    • The tricks and gambits people play at contract variation and tools to counter them
    • Analysing the issuing and tracking of variations
    • Active listening as a discovery tool
    • Structuring a change order control process
    • Smart questioning techniques
    • Positional negotiating techniques
    • Building collaboration into the Variations Discussion (why bother?)
    • Building rapport with suppliers using behavioural styles
    • Variation to Contracts – Communication starters (template)
    • Searching for opportunities in a variation presentation
    • Shrinkflation as an increasingly popular bargaining tool
    • RFM manoeuvres
    • Detached empathy as a strategy
    • Documenting concessions won

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