Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams

This program is designed to effectively manage virtual teams and satellite teams who operate across geographical borders. Managers need some different skills to keep virtual teams engaged, motivated and productive.


Plan of action

Many organisations struggle to manage virtual and satellite teams. This program will give your people the skills to enhance team performance and retain talented employees across geographical boundaries.

  • Understand the challenges involved in managing virtual teams.
  • Develop satellite team high performance work practices (HPWPs).
  • Eradicate any obstacles in managing geographically dispersed teams.
  • Map and plan a performance management session.
  • Imbibe a culture that rewards achievement.
  • Break down any communication barriers.
  • Understand the positive and negative behaviours of virtual teams.
  • Build engagement and motivation levels.
  • Detail the benefits of multiple smaller operational units.
  • Learn to recruit and retain talented employees across the globe.
  • Understand how to synergise time zones.
  • Establish an effective method for e-communication.
  • Manage projects and phone conferences.
  • Differentiate the needs of satellite teams and virtual teams.
  • Manage performance and set behavioural expectations.
  • Have tough performance conversations.

Key learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this program, participants will learn the skills to:

  • Plan and structure the performance management session.
  • Build trust levels between knowledge silos across your organisation.
  • Empower your people and adopt a macro management approach.
  • Learn to effectively communicate with different personalities, cultures and generations.
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Set agreed behavioural and performance metrics.
  • Retain and select talented employees.
  • Imbibe accountability and ownership in teams.
  • Build levels of motivation and engagement.
  • Develop a uniform code of conduct and values.
  • Integrate the use of technology and communication.
  • Encourage a culture of ideas generation and trust in your organisation.
  • Manage and organise information effectively on your intranet.
  • Prepare a template for regular team meeting sessions.
  • Develop project management strategies.
  • Impart effective decision making and problem-solving skills to your employees.

Would you like to attend this program?

For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program.

Ideal group size: 4 – 12 participants.

Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your business premises. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.

Duration: This program can be adapted to meet your requirements.

Cost: Price on request.

Target Audience: Supervisors, Team Leaders and Management

If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Melinda Kavanagh – Marketing Manager 1300 323 752 Email:mkavanagh@preftrain.com