Leisure Management

Leisure Management

Leisure centres are now very busy people centres with multiple activities for the whole community. As the leisure centre grows you’ve probably also noticed a sharp increase in the amount of regulation and compliance. Leisure centres are now highly regulated. How do you feel when the regulator calls to see how things are going? Do you feel a visit from a regulator is supportive or merely a finger wagging exercise for the regulator?


Imagine the difference if your managers and staff could manage the centre more effectively. Imagine anticipating and solving problems in their infancy rather than a crisis management approach. Imagine being able to deflect anger rather than meet the anger head on. To address these concerns, we’ve designed this short, practical management course specifically for leisure centre managers, supervisors and team leaders.

“Imagine anticipating and solving problems in their infancy rather than a crisis management approach.”

The breakthrough course gives leisure centre managers proven tools to manage your leisure centre more effectively.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop management strategies to improve team performance
  • Identify common performance issues associated with leisure centres
  • Facilitate improved relationships with team members
  • Develop specific performance management strategies for working in a fun environment
  • Replace negativity with the components of a positive work culture
  • Develop a strong and functional work culture
  • Break free from an “us” and “them” frame of mind when dealing with Council and other regulators
  • Use a proven positive problem-solving tool to eliminate recurring issues in your centre
  • Anticipate problems instead of a crisis management approach
  • Develop robust action plans to achieve your objectives



“Being apart from Council can make us feel isolated. A visit from Council often has some ego of authority involved as they wear suits and we wear gym gear which often bears bleach splatter stains from the pool.”

“Our customers can be at times unbelievably rude. Some of our customers treat the centre as a refuge centre. Some of our gym customers are narcissists who believe we are their slaves. And the hardest thing is that our staff get regularly shouted at and abused. When we ask Council for help, they make all these plans with very little action”

“An unexpected visit from the mother in law is preferable to an expected visit from Council.”


“We ask for the same reports umpteen times and then they give us flak about how busy they are. If they know the reports are due why does it always have to be so hard.”

“Leisure Management is a good description. The Managers won’t criticise staff. They won’t performance manage staff properly and then when it all falls over they rely on Council to fix up the mess”

“They don’t see the bigger picture. They think if they get through the day without any serious issues then that’s productive. They think that is management. It’s not. Management should also be making things better and eliminating recurring problems. I reckon 90% of their workload is the same problems over and over again. No point in telling them as they won’t listen as they know better”


This program can be conducted as in-house training at your centre.


Group Size: An ideal group size is 6 – 10 participants.

Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your centre. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.

Duration: Each course can be tailored to your timeframes.

Cost: Upon request.

Target Audience: Leisure centre managers, supervisors and team leaders

Look at what you receive within 24 hours at no cost:

  • a program outline
  • a bio of a proposed trainer
  • training cost
  • possible training dates (if requested)

If you would like more information on this training program, please contact us at 1300 323 752 or Email: mail@preftrain.com.au