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With any graduate program there are challenges for both the graduate and the organisation. For the graduate the transition from study to full time work is significant and challenging. For the organisation, graduates can be time consuming and resource heavy.

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    Key learning outcomes


    • Understand how expectations are set
    • Differentiate between realistic and unrealistic expectations
    • Reset their own professional expectations
    • Develop strategies to improve the speed to competence
    • Identify key components of organisational culture
    • Develop strategies for navigating organisational politics
    • Reflect on a culture of graduate entitlement
    • Compose a career plan
    • Manage the transition to full time professional work
    • Maximise the opportunities available with mentors

    Course Description

    Through extensive research we have established an effective way of strengthening your existing graduate program. The Graduate Excellence Program is designed to complement your existing graduate program by offering a proven methodology that will highlight the support and development that each of your graduates will need to flourish and succeed in their current and future roles.

    By using a combination of workshops, assessment and evaluation data, the Graduate Excellence Program will enable you to develop a more tailored approach to graduate development and thus ensure a greater success rate with your graduates.


    This unique program consists of the following 4 steps:


    In the pre consultation session, we can share ideas to make the Graduate Excellence Program bolt on perfectly with your existing Graduate training. We can explore the how our program can integrate with your current Graduate program and identify when to run our program to maximise benefits and outcomes.


    Choose either:

    • Understanding and Setting Graduate Expectations or
    • Graduate to Peer Workshop.

    Both these one-day workshops are designed to provide your graduates with the necessary skills to overcome some of the initial challenges and obstacles they will face moving into full time work. The workshops will also provide a unique opportunity to further assess and evaluate the graduates


    During the workshops your graduates will be informally assessed by a psychologist/qualified assessor as they participate and complete a number of practical and simulated activities and exercises. The assessment component also integrates any other psychometrics data eg. DiSC, TMS, MBTI, LSI, etc that the graduates have already completed as part of their recruitment.

    A snapshot of a sample assessment is outlined on Page 4


    You will be provided with an individual developmental report for each graduate. The report will provide commentary and a suggested developmental plan for each graduate based on their Grad Grid rating. The Grad Grid evaluates the graduates based on 4 dimensions – resilience, potential, flight risk and alignment.



    Designed by an organisational psychologist, this program will provide your graduates with skills and tools to help them move from being a Graduate to a young professional. Participants will learn self awareness, communication skills, organisational hierarchy and improved interpersonal skills. Graduates also discover that a successful academic career does not guarantee a successful professional career.

    At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to

    • Discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead
    • Develop your internal and external communications
    • Revisit your assumptions about the workplace
    • Feel comfortable asking questions
    • Identify the components and elements of a successful career
    • Make the most out of the services available to you
    • Develop personal brand



    It’s exciting to finish university and secure a place within the graduate program of any firm. However the reality can be mismatched to expectation. Some graduates envisage themselves meeting with clients within their first week. Others might think they should be running accounts or cases without delay. Alas some graduates simply ooze a culture of entitlement and expectancy. Designed by an organisational psychologist, this program will provide your graduates with the chance to review and realign their expectations and provides tools to cope realistically with their career expectations. For some graduates this may be a much needed reality check while for others it may strengthen their existing expectations.


    Q How many graduates per session?

    A For the best results we recommend a group of 6-12 graduates

    Q What qualifications do you have to assess the graduates?

    A An organisational psychologist together with the accredited facilitator observes and measures the graduates through the Graduate Excellence Program

    Q What personality profiling can you accommodate in the Graduate Excellence Program?

    A We can accommodate the common profiling tools including TMP, DiSC, MBTI, EQI, LSI, Hermann Brain and Hogan

    Q How do you ensure that the training is applicable to my industry?

    A We will consult with you to ensure that the workshop content is organisational and industry relevant.

    Q When is the best time to run the Graduate Excellence Program?

    A For the best results we suggest running the Graduate Excellence Program after the graduates have been with your organisation for at least 2 months. (or at the end of your internal graduate training)


    Preferred Training Networks has been designing professional development programs for the past 9 years. Our clients include Boeing, Dept of Defence, BHP Billiton, Department of Infrastructure, Mc Connell Dowell, Department of Transport, BECA, Lend Lease, Dept of Education, RMIT, Legal Aid, ANZ, Katherine Town Council, Thales, AGL, County Court, Toll, ADI, Boroondara City Council, Law Institute, Fosters Group, Brisbane City Council, SA Ambulance.


    “Preferred Training Networks do two critical things really well. They provide high quality, focused, results-oriented training activities, and they back these up with fantastic customer service. Their professionalism and efficiency makes them a pleasure to deal with.”

    — D Hartman, Learning & Development Manager, BNP Paribas

    “What I really like about your company is the fact that I can come to you with a need, and you come back very quickly with a high quality trainer or facilitator, who will customise and deliver a tailored program to suit our needs.”

    — A Wright, Director, Northern Health

    “Our people thought your facilitators were engaging, professional and industry savvy. What that means to me is that I know I can use your services with no risk which is terrific. Your persistent top quality is a credit to the industry”

    —W O Carroll, HR Manager, BHP Billiton

    If you would like more information on this training program, please contact: Deborah Dear on 1300 323 752 or email: or contact us online today.

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    At Preferred Training Networks, we provide both in-person and online training programs for a wide range of organisations across Australia. Our Graduate Excellence Program is run by experienced, qualified experts and tailored to the needs of your business and your employees. Our leadership and management education courses are designed to help your team thrive and develop valuable skills that can transform your workplace.

    With programs available in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other areas of Australia, we’re able to help businesses across the country create lasting behavioural change and provide them with the tools they need to reach new heights. If you think your business would benefit from Graduate Excellence Program and the help of our professional coaching network, take the first step and contact our team today. Wherever you are in Australia, our coaching program can either come to your organisation or we organise a venue for your convenience. Find out what our training, workshops and skills courses can do for your business and reap the benefits for years to come.

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