Designing A Training Manual Course


Designing A Training Manual Course

Instructional designers provide support to management in designing and developing programs that effectively and efficiently change behaviours.

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    Key learning outcomes

    Training Areas

    Principles of learning

    • Proven principles of adult learning
    • Meeting individual needs
    • How to accommodate individual learning styles
    • How much content to cover in a typical day
    • Creating modular formats that fi t with the audience
    • How much practice to build into a lesson
    • Preventing boredom

    Process, needs and roles

    • Differentiate between learning theory, instructional theory, and design plans
    • Identify the elements of the instructional design process
    • Define the role of the instructional designer

    Task and content analysis

    • Break task down into separate steps
    • Identify appropriate content for learning
    • Pitch content appropriately at level of learners

    Designing the workbook and visuals

    • Determine the best sequence for the content
    • Sequence content to improve the learner’s understanding of the material
    • Teach a fact, concept, rule, procedure, interpersonal skill and/or attitude
    • Present the content in a way so that each learner will master the objectives
    • Implement instructional strategies
    • Use text and pictures within the content
    • Computer coaching, internet searching, and tips for practical shortcuts

    The last 30 minute makeover

    • Setting aside the last 30 minutes for the makeover
    • Last tips to add value to the workbook
    • Letting go – Even Rembrandt had to finish
    • Preventing those continuous improvements from delaying the project

    Benchmarking and providing evidence of the quality of the design

    • Did the design meet the training needs
    • What improvements could be made
    • How to separate lone remarks from statistically signifi cant feedback
    • Construct instruments to test knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes

    Course Description

    Often a glimmer of an idea initiates a discussion which leads to a request for the development of a training program. The process of developing a program is a combination of art and science. The instructional designer utilises their ability to systematically produce a creative document that allows them to facilitate a dynamic learning experience. When the process is complete; the designer looks back and checks to see that all parts of the “science” have been taken into account. Then the entire process is woven creatively as if it occurred in a systematic fashion. This fundamental workshop will provide you with a proven step-by-step process to design such a workbook in one day.

    Action Plan

    • To make the target audience’s experience more interesting and lively
    • To gain tips the professionals use to add value to the workbook
    • To build experiential learning activities into your program
    • To build creative breaks and challenges into the day
    • To manage the course design process to avoid last minute crises
    • To avail of time saving strategies when sorting through information
    • To utilise the internet when searching for content
    • To increase the speed and effectiveness of learning
    • To tap into resources, methods, materials, and designs
    • To reflect the requirements expressed by the ‘client’

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