Brilliant Workplaces The Female Imprint Course


Planning for the Future — What could be?

As little as 25 years ago, the career choices for women were quite limited. The expectation was that most women would want to be a nurse, school teacher or secretary.
Nowadays, women are fulfilling their potential in fields traditionally dominated by males — engineering, mining, legal, professional services — everywhere.
This course was designed by a female organisational psychologist to give professional females adaptable and strategic skills to work in sectors that are still top-heavy with males.
The course is facilitated by an amusing male presenter. The presenter will put forward case studies and interpret them from a male perspective. So, if you’d like to muse and learn how males and females think differently in the workplace, then this course is ideal.


  • Compare how males and females approach performance appraisals
  • Review your behavioural profile and compare with male colleagues
  • List the challenges females face in the current workplace
  • Review key findings from Nice girls don’t get the corner office, Dr Lois Frankel
  • Discuss how to get past people who are stuck in the mud
  • Test your ability to listen without developing an emotional response
  • Assess how opinions on ability are formed from the questions you ask
  • Predict male responses to workplace challenges
  • Use an appreciative inquiry to picture your future workplace
  • Prepare for your next difficult workplace conversation
  • Prepare
  • Build action plans



  • Group Size: An ideal group size is 6–12 participants.
  • Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your offices. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost.
  • Duration: This course can be adapted to your time frame
  • Cost: Upon request.
  • Target Audience: The audience is usually female. Occasionally a brave male or two will also attend.

Look at what you receive within 24 hours at no cost:

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