Adding Value to Your IT Customer Service

Would it help your organisation if your IT Department improved the quality of its service delivery?

The IT Department can become a communication silo. This course was designed by an organisational psychologist to relaunch the internal/external customer service charter of the IT Department.

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    Key learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of this course your IT Team will be able to:

    1. Understand the customer’s expectations
    2. Recognise that IT is an internal and external customer
    3. Calibrate the level of existing service delivered
    4. Develop a customer service charter
    5. Work collaboratively with different personality styles
    6. Put themselves in the customer’s shoes who may have limited IT knowledge
    7. Understand the importance of building rapport
    8. Resist the temptation of symptomatic responses
    9. Calibrate the zone of tolerance with customers
    10. Debunk any negative connotations about being in a service industry
    11. Deal with difficult internal and external customers
    12. Communicate more effectively with people from different generations
    13. Tally the impact of professional impact in the IT industry
    14. Build feedback loops to drive better outcomes
    15. Search for win/win outcomes and learn how to invent them
    16. Change deadlines seamlessly and reset expectations
    17. Feel comfortable having courageous conversations with peers and direct reports

    Course Description

    There has been a major push in Australia towards ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). This is becoming a default standard in the IT industry. This identifies that IT is a service and all IT workers are service providers. However, this breakthrough course goes further and creates a “service” culture and mindset within the IT Department. Imagine taking your IT Team to the brink of customer service excellence where they are completely engaged by the service nature of their role too. There is a perception that some IT workers don’t really want to be “service providers”. Ideally IT should be like every other top quality service … you don’t notice it until you need it and then when you do there is always room for value-add.

    Test the quality of your existing IT service delivery

    Just answer Yes or No to the following statements:

    1. Our IT Department responds to all queries in a timely manner Y | N
    2. Our IT people are always polite Y | N
    3. Our IT people are comfortable being in a customer service role Y | N
    4. Our IT people avoid jargon and communicate clearly Y | N
    5. Our employees rate the IT service delivery highly Y | N
    6. Our IT people communicate delays in advance when possible Y | N
    7. Our IT people take responsibility for problems instead of blaming “other people” Y | N
    8. Our IT people are open-minded to new ideas to improve the overall service Y | N
    9. Our IT department works seamlessly Y | N
    10. Conversations with the IT department usually end amicably Y | N
    11. Our IT people do not appear frustrated when contacted Y | N
    12. Our IT people follow up to ensure critical problems have been rectified Y | N

    If you have answered No to more than 3 of these questions you should strongly consider this course for your people.

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