Smart Organisations are Building Resilient Teams

A good blog post is either entertaining, enlightening or educational. So today we have gone for educational. Here it is thigmomorphogenesis. Not an easy word to pronounce. Certainly not an easy word to drop into a conversation. But a good word nonetheless. The key to this word – building resilience when the times get tough. It appears this […]

5 Things Resilient Employees are Doing Great

Have you ever wondered why some employees have perfected the art of resilience, while others crumble in the face of adversity? Workplace resilience is critical in building a supportive team and allowing employees the independence to remain true to themselves. Here are five things resilient employees know how to do well: Build Connections. Resilience training begins […]

How Resilient are Your People?

Workplace resilience is critical. The ability to be resilient allows you to come back stronger from adversity. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by failure, resilient people find a way to deal with hardship. Remember that resilient people are not free from negative thoughts or emotions. They have learnt how to develop coping techniques which allows them […]

Scurry Worry – How Good are You with Managing your Time?

At our local supermarket there is a cashier that appears highly stressed. She’d be about 60 and she’s very skinny. When you see her, everything she does is rushed. If they’d let her control another 4 scanners she’d volunteer. Even when she’s cleaning the counter, she wipes the surface faster. Sometimes she forgets to greet the […]

Time Management

Our building has had a run of bad luck recently with water pipes bursting and because we’re at street level and water flows downhill, it means our office gets affected the most. I’d like to think I’m fairly level headed and accept that things go wrong and pipes do burst. So my cracking point was that the […]

Overcoming Recurring Issues

I was recently at home reading the paper when I noticed a couple of wasps. I looked up 5 minutes later and there were now half a dozen. A further look reveals the wasps are building a nest on the side of my house and they were also infiltrating my poor handyman works and getting into […]

The Camp of No Responsibility

I’d like to say this is a fictitious camp but I’m not sure that it is. Everyone who comes into this camp bears no responsibility. All campers have one thing in common. It’s never their fault. It is always someone else’s fault. They live in their camps throughout their lives blissfully unaware that they too […]

Is a Complaint Really a Gift?

Now I’ve just fired off an email complaint to our photocopier company. I won’t mention the brand yet. Our machine is a lemon. It has been a lemon for 12 months. So I’ve sent an email to the exec team highlighting the main issues over the past 12 months. The company is market leader and […]

Does Your Company Generate Ideas to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

So I thought I better try Uber. I haven’t heard anything bad about it. I spent a couple of minutes trying to work out the app. Just as I was about to give up, young Chris visits the office for a coffee with his mum. Perfect so Chris gets the app working and shows me […]

Stop being a Middler and Become a Finisher

I am just in the middle of something else at the moment I would love to help out but I am in the middle of a few other things. I have been in the middle of some ongoing project work which means I have not finished my report. Before you can address middling behaviour you need […]

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