10 Tips to Grow your Business in 2019

Scaling your business is difficult. It calls for consistent effort. Initial stages of your business, means juggling different things like marketing, sales, corporate compliance, taxation, interacting with customers and the works. If you are at a point where growing your business is becoming increasingly difficult, fret not. There’s still hope. Sure, it’s difficult. However, it’s […]

A Tip From The Battleground

I heard this story the other day and I thought it was very very good. During the Vietnam war, whenever a burst of gunfire was nearby the commander would jump on the radio to the bunker under fire to see what was happening. The response from the bunker was often very loud, very fast and not very […]

Strategic Thinking: An Organizational Perspective

Any business, any research or any project can’t overlook strategical thinking if success is intended. Strategic thinking is nothing but that business process that involves the planning for today and the future, to avoid flaws and to prevent failures. There are no codes, guidelines or fixed-techniques in strategic planning as the codex differs from business […]

Top Strategies for Effective Conflict Management at Work

Conflicts at work are inevitable. That does not mean that you have to become rebellious or become inefficient at your workplace. The reason being, at the end of the day, it’s all about how well you prove to be productive and have the ability to manage your team. Conflict management skills are one of the most […]

Tips to Create Effective Blended Learning Strategies

Instructional design (also known as ID) is one of the most versatile topics to know about and discuss in the field of education. ID is basically the process by which learning experiences are designed, developed on the basis of planning and delivered by teachers. ID includes online courses, video tutorials, learning simulations and so much […]

Measuring the Impact of Training

We’ve been designing and delivering professional development training for over 10 years. But how do we know if our training is leading to a behavioural change? Here’s an example, we designed and delivered a “Dealing with Difficult People” course for 12 Supervisors. These supervisors were the meat in the sandwich and were dealing with angry internal and external […]

Is Classroom Learning Style a Dinosaur?

Organisations are moving swiftly towards blended learning. Traditional training topics are now ‘online modules’. To cater for employees being “very busy”, the duration of these courses has been significant shortened. So all is well right? Most skills take you about 100 hours to become adept. More importantly to learn a skill, it really helps if […]

Tactics to Deal with Difficult People at Work

We humans are unique in our own ways and understand that everyone has different ways of reacting to people based on values, beliefs and opinions. However, there’s always been one category of people whom you can deal with in the same way because they are annoying and pointless most of the times – The Difficult […]

Supervisors and Managers – They’re Different!

Management hierarchy can be hard to understand – You as professionals may have trouble setting your professional goals too! You may wonder whether you’d like to become a supervisor or manager, for instance. So, understand the who Supervisors and Manager are, first. Supervisors are professionals who are in direct contact with operatives and the functions of […]

Dipping Down

You’re walking home and you spot $5 on the ground. I assume most people would pick it up and think it was a bit lucky finding the $5. Maybe you’ll donate it or you might even buy a lottery ticket while your luck is in. So for a minimum amount of effort (stooping down to […]