Action Delayed Again


Action Delayed Again

Action DelayedAt our weekly meeting the same issue was been raised for the 4th time. Should we buy a new whiz bang copier? We’ve been having major issues recently with our current supplier (watch this space) and we might be in a position to get a good deal.

There were some good reasons for hanging onto the old copier too. So it was at a stalemate again. I could see it as unfinished business on the agenda for the next meeting and I don’t like procrastinating, so out came a coin. Heads we change or Tails we don’t. Tails came up so we’re not pursuing the new copier.

Now some could argue that you can’t make such important decisions on the flip of a coin. Why not?

Too many organisations are hindered by “paralysis by analysis”. They sit on the fence as great opportunities sail by. It’s important to be aware that any action is sometimes better than no action. In our example, tails won the day. So we’ve decided to use the copier money for a couple of exhibitions. Hopefully we’ll pick up some business at the expos and we’ll all congratulate ourselves for being smart enough to invest in expos.

But let’s say heads had won the day. We’d make better glossy training brochures that would lead to a sale. So again we’d congratulate ourselves on excellent decision making by purchasing the new copier

So you see, once the decision is made, your people will rally around and probably get a good outcome with either decision.

But let’s say we took the third decision ADA (Action Delayed Again). Let’s say we delayed and delayed. The money would be sitting in the bank earning diddly in interest. So ADA is the worst option.

So when you are making a decision remember there are 3 possibilities. Yes, No and ADA. Too many organisations spend gazillions loitering in ADA territory. Let me know if your organisation gets stage fright at decision making time and I’ll send you some ideas

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