Tips to Create Effective Blended Learning Strategies


Tips to Create Effective Blended Learning Strategies

Instructional design (also known as ID) is one of the most versatile topics to know about and discuss in the field of education. ID is basically the process by which learning experiences are designed, developed on the basis of planning and delivered by teachers. ID includes online courses, video tutorials, learning simulations and so much more! Instructional Design Principles are just the right combination of rigidness and flexibility – however, it’s completely learner-centered.

Blended Learning is one of the best learning strategies which any educational institution can adopt. It is basically a component of instructional design and it’s all about adding online components to classroom learning or instructor-led training.

Blended learning is known to be one of the most evolved and exciting learning approaches. Also, the delivery methods and learning outcomes are very positive!

Designing for blended instruction is a lot more different than a regular, stand-alone course. To identify effective design strategies for blended learning, check out the Top Tips to create effective blended learning strategies:

  • Design to meet Learning Outcomes – Blended Learning is about obtaining learning outcomes and not about forcing multiple technologies into the plan! Always believe in meeting learning outcomes via quality framing of learning objectives and the rest will take shape.
  • Keep Learners in Mind – Blended learning is learner-centric in nature. Without knowing how your learners are, you just cannot come up with a great strategy.
  • Design, don’t Redesign – There’s beauty in designing your blended learning strategy – you keep your learners in mind, get to know them and make learning an amazing learning process with needs- based outcomes. If you re-work on existing styles, it’s just going to modify learning outcomes a little because the changes too will be minimal there!
  • Design for Synergy – Figure out how different components of a blended strategy can fit together, making a whole. Link it with learning experiences from each component, blend it and reinforce it!
  • Make Sure you’re Well-Read – Technologies are upgrading every now and then and you’ve got to be well-read. However, the base of teachers acting as facilitators is the base.
  • Find Ways to Build Emotional and Social Aspects – Blended learning is also about helping the learner develop the social and emotional aspects of an individual. Come up with engaging, interactive content by learning the art of designing a training program. Don’t forget about the right blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning!

Run a Pilot – You need to evaluate your design before taking it to the actual learners. Make notes and observe at your best. Once it’s out there, don’t forget to prepare your learners – they may be new to it!

Blended Learning is the base-way of learning in the present and future.

If you are interested in learning more about instructional designs in order to contribute to blended learning, you can take up Instructional Design Courses in Melbourne. The reason being, Design courses in Melbourne are known to be world- class, taking you from the basics viz what is Instructional Design to How to create ID Strategies and so on.

As educators, we need to keep learning, unlearning and relearning!

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